Best time to run? Anytime!

Best time to run?  Anytime!

Run prep today:. Lounge about in pj's until 2 pm, eat home made fish, chips, mushy peas and bread roll followed by rhubarb crumble with double cream! Get running gear on and fall asleep on the couch for an hour, maybe it's too late to run but my legs feel OK after some stretches. Go out in the semi dark and had my best run for a long time, 6k non stop running, except for a brief lie down in an alleyway - tripped over and fell flat as a pancake and skinned my knee. Most fun I had for a long time! Feels like I am again a runner!!

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  • What a perfect day! (Better than Lou Reed's).

  • Joolie! I would have had to have gone to bed after that lot! Well done girl! Hope the knees are ok today?

  • My knees are strong! Fell over though and nursing a graze.

  • Bit cooler later in the day so it makes sense to run then. I ran in the heat of the day today, being a berk at organisation.

    Oooh home made fish n chips! Love em. I make oven wedges these days though or new pots out the garden.

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