Bridge to 10K

8k done but now on IC

Tried to run really slow although I now suspect not slow enough. Did 8k in 1 hour but had a pain in my right leg as soon as I slowed down for cool down walk. Painful when I walk so limping around. Worse when I go up or downstairs. Using RICE and hoping I can get back on track with working towards 10k. Have downloaded MyAsics app and planning to really slow down next time I am able to run.

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Hope you are back out there soon but go very carefully! Remember we are considered new runners for a couple of years and it takes time to build up those running legs. I think overuse injuries are quite common at this stage, as there does seem to be a cumulative effect on the ol' legs! Are you doing some form of cross training and strength/ flexibility work as this really helps when starting to build up distance? Good luck🙂


I am doing pilates and yoga in between runs. Very new to both of these and very inflexible. Will have a look at other forms of cross training. Thanks.


Ah, hope your better soon. Sandraj39 gives good advice re cross training :)


Hope you are off the LC soon but be careful don't try and rush your recovery. Better to take an extra day than go out too soon and end up worse.

I agree with everything Sandraj39 says: we are new to this and cross training and strength work help loads as you increase your distance.

Rest up 👍


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