Sore knee

Went for my scheduled run today. Warm up was fine but as soon as I increased pace to my normal slow jog ouch! A twinge behind my left knee cap. I tried to run on for a bit but as I increased pace again it twinged. I didn't carry on running but did a brisk 4k walk instead with no more twinges.

Any advice? I have not had this before. No swelling but just a little tenderness behind my knee cap. I have iced it and taken some ibuprofen.

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  • If it persists then professional advice is far more useful than anything that most of us can offer.

  • New runners niggles I suspect which should disappear as you get stronger

    However, that's not to ignore it. You are right to ice it. Rest up a day extra if needs be and see your doc if you are unable to "run it off"

  • Thanks misswobble sage advice as usual. Will take it easy on my greek island runs x

  • Oh you lucky sausage! 😊 What i'd give for a run by the sea. Maybe one day ☺

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