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I've missed my long runs this month. I can't run in anything over about 20C without turning into a puddle of blubber. So my mileage this month has been lower than in June and after a fantastic first two weeks of the month where my new shoes gave me wings the heat of the last few weeks has really pulled me right down. It was 21C at 8am already this morning, but it felt fresher, there was a slight breeze and it was at least overcast. So off I toddled on a different route, not my usual bendy trees, but off round one of the local lakes. I used to run this route about 12 years ago, but haven't done it this time round because there's a level crossing and I always seem to have to stop there. Now I don't mind walking, but I do object to stopping! Sure enough the "ding, ding, ding" of the warning bell sounded as I got to the crossing, but I managed to sprint across before the barrier came down. The lake was beautiful and quite busy for 08:30am. Mothers pushing prams, nordic walkers, an old couple changing into their swimming things for a dip in the lake. Couples were running round (why was my man still in bed? - probably because he had to work till midnight😎). There was a group clustered round a family of swans, the cygnets still in their grey feathers, the father watchful, his wings raised in warning. There was no wind here, the lake was smooth as glass, greeny-grey. I couldn't actually see anybody swimming but there was the odd bike with clothes on it, the owner obviously in the water. No bbqers yet, but they'll be there this afternoon. In fact near the lifeguards' building they'd put out benches and tables as if there's going to be a party - or was it yesterday? Round I went, calculating in my head. Really this route is just a bit longer than 5k, not long enough for a weekend run, I would have to extend it a bit. So no level-crossing on the way back, instead I ran up the road to the station and took the steps under the railway line. That added a loop of about 2k and my legs protested vigorously as I climbed the stairs. They felt like limp spaghetti - I had definitely felt better than this in the past. But in the end I ran 7k and hubby was still in bed when I got back. It's started raining now, maybe it will cool down. Perhaps I should have waited?

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  • Well done on your long run! I am missing my long runs too - haven't done one for a few weeks due to the heat and a hip niggle. My hip is now better, the weather is cooler and I hope to start lengthening the runs this week! Take care!

  • Thanks! I miss my long runs and the stamina they bring. Just feel as if I'm ticking over at the moment, not making real progress. But ticking over is better than doing nothing. And it will get cooler soon.

  • Oh, for that cooler weather!

  • Beautiful... lovely post, of a lovely run.. thanks for sharing it... :)

    I was right there with you..but not as hot, because you were doing all the work. I really could see those swans and all the folk taking the early morning air... Wonderful!

    I like the description of spaghetti legs.. perfect.. that is just how they feel! :)

    We head to the Dordogne on Thursday.. i have bought a new running belt with water bottles.. read some posts about this and the ones folk have.. it comes today! Not sure how I will cope with the heat..the weather chart reckons between 17/18 at 6 a.m so I should be fine with that...? :)

    Weird to think my next Sunday run will be in France :)

    On my way, back in from my run this morning.. I met my husband, who was on his way out for his walk.. I was a tad late going out... and he was earlier :) The bed was not made though! Hmmm!

  • Running tourism is great - but you know that from your tin-tent! I hope you have a lovely holiday with lots of new sights, experiences and delicious food. Will look forward to your posts - as always. Let us know how you get on with your new belt, I'm thinking about one, especially for longer runs. But so far haven't needed anything up to 10k.

  • Good stuff - it has improved a bit the past few days hasn't it. There was a light shower of rain at Parkrun yesterday which was wonderful!!

  • Great stuff Jaysee , good to hear youre back out there !

    Yes the weather here has been so humid and hot , its just drains all your energy doesn't it ?

    Was hot on my long run today, my Garmin said 17 degrees, but it felt a LOT hotter than that :-)

    All character building though, although I was very glad when I got back ! :-) xxx

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