Cake inspired running!

Cake inspired running!

Friday, my day, to offer home made cookies and cake to other people in the community cafe. At the end of the day, any unconsumed goodies come home and yes, you guessed it, we eat them to avoid waste. I have been doing mixed running and walking recently but today, with a full tummy, I only managed to run for 6k, no walk breaks. Felt pretty good and maybe, maybe I am back on track and perhaps I have the cakes and cookies to thank! What do you think?

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  • They look really nice Joolie, would go just perfectly with a cuppa tea ! :-)

    You've had a lot on recently with your new job and everything , but that run today sounds exactly just what you needed and I hope its given you a boost !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • A lovely run... those cookies look so scrummy!

    Hope the job is going well and you feel on top of things... cake power... could be a breakthrough! :)

  • I'd have to sample them to tell you......

  • You would be welcome, cafe every Friday 1-3 pm, Irchester!!

  • The job which was in a children's home didn't work out (1) no rota so didn't know when I was working, where I was working and when I was sleeping out (2) a young person decided attacking me in the street was something that might be good. I thought a different job might work better so August with no work but a new job in September. More time for running! Poor but happy (again)!

  • That's awful Joolie. Was there no-one else around? I got mugged by a group of 4 teenage girls once in broad daylight. They were smiling at passers-by as if it was larking about whilst punching, kicking and trying to grab my bag. It was terrifying. The whole time I was screaming for help and eventually a man stepped forward which made them run off. He said he hadn't been sure if we were playing about or if I was seriously in trouble. You'd think when your hair is being yanked and you're being punched and kicked, no-one could think it was just a bit of fun. Hope the next job is better organised and in a safer area.

  • Nom nom nom nom these look amazing. Can you pop em in the post pls???

    Sorry to hear that the job didn't work and really sorry to hear you were attacked that is awful! What gives anyone the thought that they have the right to do that to another person I'll never know.

    Yay to new job in September. I really hope it works out for you.

    Well done in the cookie powered run too thats awsome ☺

  • The cookies look great, the run sounds good too, sorry about the job and the attack. Here's hoping your new job will be much better for you. Don't overdo the running even though you have lots of time!

  • Thanks, my current goal is a steady and regular three runs per week - 2 X 5 and a 10, more than happy with that!!

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