Cake fuelled running

My toffee legs have been a bit dodgy and I thought I was done for. ย But happily after overdoing cake at a wedding blessing, I came home and launched out to the woods, nice run in the end and even did 6km, no stopping for achy legs, so it seems like I am back - sticking to shorter runs to get settled but very very happy, thanks for your support in my dark days!!

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  • Brilliant... go you. back on form and cake too!

    Glad you're back x

  • Cake is the best fuel sometimes !!

  • Fuelling makes a huge difference and it sounds like a great run, well done ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Great stuff JoolieB1ย glad you are back and feeling good โ˜บ

  • You are back, Great. nothing like a nice run in the woods

  • Maybe another tomorrow LOL, perfect in the sunshine, lovely n cool

  • I always suspected cake was perfect running fuel! Good to hear you sounding so enthusiasticย again :)

  • Mmmm cake mmmmmmmm.

    Well done Joolie. I knew you'd be up & at em again soon โ˜บx

  • On my rest day, wondering if I could squeeze a long early run out of my toffee legs tomorrow LOL

  • Well done joolie. Nothing will stop you from your running....not even cake.lol๐Ÿ˜Š

    Hmmm must try that.x

  • Caketastic!ย  Well done - it's great that you're back out there :)

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