Why oh why can't I breathe

Hi all, I graduated c25k last month and decided to consolidate my 5k runs before movin on. So, three times a week I run between 5 and 7.5k. But, I am still having breathing problems. I am only running about 1k in 7mins, so no great speed involved but from 30 seconds in I am so noisy and wheezy with my breathing. I don't have asthma or anything but I am fed up with this cos I hear myself over my running music and that's not good🙂🙂 I try slowing up even more, breaths per stride etc but nothing helps... Anyone had this or know how to manage it. It is driving me nuts!

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  • Although 7 mins per K is not ( as you say) a fast pace - it may in fact be too fast for you right now. And although you have graduated and are capable of running the distances you have said, it may still be that you do not have the stamina for this at a 7 minute pace. I can only recommend that you try those distances again at a slower pace - for easy everyday training, you should be running at a pace whereby you can talk easily to others - or sing quietly to yourself. If you can't do this then you are running too fast. If you wish to continue to run at your 7K pace, then you are going to need to split your running into run/walk intervals and recover a little while walking. It is nothing to be ashamed of - I recently ran a half marathon doing just this in under 2hours 30 minutes ( as a 70YO!!) :)

  • You say you don't have asthma or anything, but there is such a thing as exercise induced asthma - I only learnt about it from this forum. Maybe see your doc?

  • I would also say slow down. Many people graduate running at 1k in 8mins or over and work slowly up to faster speeds. You've only just graduated, so you may need to build up your strength and stamina. I had a light bulb moment during the programme when I really tried to slow down on one run (28 mins). I was indeed very slow, but my breathing was easy all the way round and I felt as if I could run for ever. It was a bit of a revelation!

  • Thank you all. I will try slowing up even more. I looked up exercise induced asthma and think maybe I will get doc to check me over if this continues.

  • I developed exercise-induced asthma when I started C25K, which irritated the hell out of me :D To be fair, I've always been troubled by bad colds which went to my chest, but I started to wheeze after a run to the point where even I could hear it. It's worth going to get it checked out. I just take my inhaler with me now and have no problem normally. When it's really cold I need to manage it slightly differently but for most of the year, I'm fine. Good luck :)

  • My breathing which is normally ok hasnt been so great of late and I think the pollen count is really high. I don't suffer with hay fever or asthma but I do all my running in the countryside and have been a bit more laboured over the last month. I ran in London a couple of weeks ago and felt very comfortable, at the time I thought it was because it was a flatter route than I usually do but it may have also been to do with the pollen. Just a thought.

  • See your GP, are you actually wheezing? If you are finding that pace easy in every other respect you need to get yourself checked out. Otherwise I suggest focussing on breathing deeply into your tummy, relaxing by listening to calm music and being aware of your shoulders relaxing, you will find they are probably tensed up. Go as slow as you can to feel comfortable and hopefully that will help. I am an asthmatic and I have found this very useful when I've got very wheezy on runs, it's usually because I am tensing up that it happens. Take care of yourself :)

  • Think I will have a little visit to the doc. Every other aspect of run is comfortable and what worries me most is My breathing struggles whether I run 30secs or 30mins. Thank you all for the advice 🙂

  • Louder music?

    If not that, could it be allergies or dust? Does it change with the weather or time of day?

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