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Ooops... C25K+ Speed

It seems like I am going to fast in places! Thanks to my new watch I now know that my cadence is occasionally way too high in some of the fast intervals and often too high in the slower recovery periods. No wonder I needed to walk twice today! As ever, I blame the music and its weak beat :-P


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Looking at those cadence numbers I don't see a problem Simon.

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I guess it's better in interval training to be a bit too quick than a bit too slow.


Indeed. You're running faster during the efforts - that's the whole point. You're similar height to me (5'8 ?) - ok, I have short legs and my cadence is normally around the 180 mark - so if your effort cadence is 180 ish, that seems perfectly normal. I've hit 190 during a 10k run before now.


You must have no sense of rhythm! That beat jumps out and whacks you over the head! Can you dance lol? Seriously though, I wouldn't worry about it, it looks to me as if you don't need that podcast, you're doing just fine on your own xxx


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