Dips in fitness and how to manage them?☹️🏃🏻

(Also posted on C25k) .After hitting my longest run of 12k about a month ago and regularly running 10ks, (including my first 10k event which I loved!) I feel as though I have hit the wall a bit with my running over the last couple of weeks. ☹️ At first I thought it was the weather but now I'm not so sure? I have also started to feel a tightness in my left hip and buttock (only when I run) . Have been rolling and stretching and think it may be my pirimformus but have decided to go and see the very lovely physio who helped me last year when I had a nasty calf tear. Dropped my long run plan for this weekend and had a rest through the week. Ran an ok 5.5k yesterday but still feeling tight in the hip, which left me feeling a little deflated afterwards. Anyway, will make an appointment tomorrow and see what the physio says but feel as though I am going through a bit of a poor patch with my running after being on such a high and feeling such progress. I had hoped to do a 10 mile event in October but now quite glad that I haven't entered yet! Am also trying to refocus on strength and flexibility which maybe I have let slip a bit. Anyone else had similar dips in fitness and what helped? I love my running ❤️🏃🏻 and it doesn't usually feel this hard!! 😮


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  • A quick article to read that talks about avoiding the plateau.


    Hope that helps 😀

  • Sounds like that might be worth a read. Many thanks🙂

  • The article made sense - the trouble is distinguishing between a dip where you can just push through and a more serious dip which could lead to burnout. Same as when running and distinguishing between a niggle and a real injury. Sigh - it's all so complicated!

    Hope you get your motivation back and come off the plateau.

  • I've kind of had dips-twinges,soreness and tiredness-I think its comes from pushing a bit too hard with training. If there's no serious injury, I would just take a few days off then ease back into running with some shorter easier runs. This has worked for me😀

  • I have had a similar challenge too. Graduated from C25K some months ago and slowly built up to a once a week 10k with 2 X 5k. Even ran a 15k once, then started to feel very tired plus developed a tightness in my calf when running that forced me to re-introduce walk breaks. Even a couple of months ago, I was sometimes struggling to cover 5k. Feel overall, my stamina is less. However, I am fighting back, run 3 times every week, always 5k. If I need a walk break, I just take one but that is getting less and I managed 10k again last week. Just puzzling that it happened

  • That article that B0bP posted looks good on beating the plateau feeling. I think rest is really important, mentally as well as physically. Also, trying a different form of exercise may be refreshing and energising - I'd go for something fairly gentle but stretching, such as yoga, pilates or swimming. Even walking is good, as it's so low-impact.

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