Just back from the physio, dodged the IC, sort of

I've had a hip problem since before C25K and been under the Gp for it which was all a bit of a farce (they X-Rayed the wrong hip and told me I was fine, which took them 6 months to realise). I managed to get a physio referral through work to my physio that did a great job helping me with the T10 fracture and my L4/5 prolapse over the last few years so she knows which bits of me work and which don't :D

I turns out I've got quite nasty little muscle strain deep in the old glute which needs professional help. I had some acupuncture today which has helped and some initial manipulation...

The good news is that I'm okay to run

The bad news is no increasing my distance until it's fixed and no speed work, looks like just a gentle 5k-7k holding pattern for me for a while, going to save the next 10k until the muscles in the old derrière are behaving.

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  • The luxury of slow jogging can't be underestimated. It's lovely. Dive in 😁 Choose some picturesque routes and enjoy 👍🏃✔️🙂

    It's very positive that you can still run with your injury, and that will give you a boost. Taking a part in your rehab is great and you will get better quicker. Once benched it's hard to be positive

    Good luck 👍

  • Enforced slow running is just what you need.



  • Great - you can just enjoy taking it slow and easy for a while.

  • Ouch! Do you know how you got the muscle strain there? That's great you can still run. Any distance will stop you going stir crazy 😕

  • There wasn't any specific incident I can remember, it was just a pain that compounded. I'm just glad its not related to the prolapse or arthritis in my lower back... did as gentle 6k tonight keeping it sensible. I've got a 5k race Saturday but will take that gently.

  • Good luck and enjoy the race!

  • Gentle 5-7k runs prescribed by the doctor! You are a lucky guy! I hope they get you sorted, but it is good that you can still run.

  • Slow and steady because you have to... Perfect!

    The runs are still there, you just get time to enjoy them more!

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