Followed advice but it made things worse

Followed advice but it made things worse

I have had a lot more good runs lately and my calf pains while running that force me to walk seem to have almost gone. However, I was chatting to someone I know who is a "personal trainer" and he was recommending I switch to more cycling and less running (yes, right, like that is going to happen) and then he asked me what my warm up for running is. I told him, I walk for 5 minutes and he said that is what might be the problem..and went on to sueggest I do stretch and flex exercises and foam roll before running.

Like an idiot, I thought he might be an expert and tried it (don't have a foam roller but just massaged my calves)!

Result was a horrible painful run and only did 5k with quite a few walk breaks which was not my plan. I do stretch and flex on rest days not run days and I will be following my own advice in future. Unless runners have something to say, in which case always interested in learning

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  • Sorry to hear that Joolie. I too, seem to have hit a bit of a sticky patch with my running (see post above) and am going to go and see a physio who helped me once before. Have you thought of doing the same? They can often identify the problem quite quickly and suggest self help exercises etc. Anyone near who you could see? Fingers crossed we will both soon be racking up the miles again soon!😀🏃🏻🏃🏻

  • Would seeing a physio cost money? I am poor right now but started a new job and get paid on 1 August, until then, I am on my own. Having more good runs so reasonably happy

  • You can go private or get referred by your GP. Unfortunately this takes time. My lady is private but was recommended to me by some running friends (! ) and was fab when I saw her before. Maybe speak to your GP? Good luck.☺

  • Ouch... Poor you, and how lucky not to do too much damage...I still persist with my 5 min' warm up and sometimes a tad longer...not sure I could get started without it...I am of course older and slower to warm up than you mere youngsters :)

    I always take my own advice... sometimes come unstuck, not too often though... I talk to myself too, I need to talk to someone sensible :) and I always get the answer I want! :)

    Hope you are raring to go soon x

  • Ouch sorry you had a bad run. My physio swears by gentle stretching just before bed which allows the body to recover while you sleep. Foam rolling is harsh at the best of times before I run I can imagine it being painful. I hope you get to the bottom of things.

  • My physiotherapist had suggested massaging my knee prior to a run to get it really warmed up. And before many of our races, we're led through stretching exercises that I think help, but they're always dynamic stretches - circling our arms, legs, knees, ankles, marching on the spot with high knees etc. To me these have felt the same as walking - prepping the muscles for movement. I've never done static stretching before races. I've seen people do it, but I've read mixed reviews.

  • I think it is best to be warmed up before stretching which is why stretching after a run makes sense to me

  • I can't imagine that walking can do a runner any harm. That's ridiculous IMO. Walking is THE best all round exercise and warm up that anyone can do. I do use a foam roller before I head out and always walk for at least ten minutes, but keep the stretching until after the run. Stretching cold muscles is a quick route to the IC as you've perhaps discovered.

    Heed your own advice. It's got you this far hasn't it?

  • I just limberup with a few small stretches, touch toes, stretch up to try and touch my low ceiling, etc, then go out and do a 5 min walk, when I start running I bear in mind it takes me longer to warm up and am mindful of this for about 1.6k (1mile) so take it easy for this time..then do some stretching after. Haven't been doing anything on rest days lately and don't get any aches & pains, maybe I should be..😊

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