Spotted orchids!!

Yes I spotted spotted orchids. Thought they were bistort at first but realised that they are well past. Do you realise what this means??? It means there were no gremlins, they were as interested as I was in the surrounding hedgerow. And the meadow Browns too. Once I'd finished Speed I slowed up and then walked ran all the way home. Trouble is the green road is so lumpy and at the moment so puddly, it's hard to run on without turning your ankle. So I ran/walked. I find that starting to run again after a bit of walking is mentally quite hard. My legs just fold their arms and say "shan't!" After all, I had led them to believe I had stopped running. Sometimes my legs just aren't team players!!!

I was chagrined to find how little running I did in June. Daughter's wedding and all but even after that excitement I should have a clear mind and be out there. But it didn't happen! So at the start of a new month that is all to change. I'm supposed to be nearing 10km on this forum and have hopelessly lapsed. I was really chuffed at the first km split though: under 6min per km which is staggering! I quickly fell back to a moderate tortoise though but finished quite fresh. I felt I was running well. What I have tried is a few goes at Old Floss's Strides. I noticed a significant change in how I use my arms: intelligently for once, and I think that had made the difference. Also lifting my legs that bit higher thus lengthening stride. I might have go again tonight, only a couple of times, and then a go tomorrow. Really motivated now 🐒🐒🐒 er no, I mean πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ!

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  • Yay! Sounds like you've really found that mojo & stuffed those gremlins well & truly in the ditch. Well done for being back out there! Happy running πŸ‘πŸ€—

  • Thank you! Just the sort of run I needed to get back on track!

  • Hehe great post, I always think it helps to shake it up a bit when needed to keep us motivated. Sounds like your doing great at that. Happy running.

  • My legs still need a good talking to though! But variety is the spice of life and so true in running!

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