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Possible tendonitis niggle - to run or not to run?

Over the past couple of days I've noticed a little niggle at the back of my right ankle which I fear may be tendonitis. I had it last year in my left ankle, so I know how it feels - and I know what impact it can have. I was given some exercises by a physio to stretch out the muscles, and I stuck at them for a while but once the pain went away I stopped doing them with any regularity.

With my right ankle now playing up I'm going to go back to doing the stretches. The sensible thing to do would also be to rest - but I have my first 10km coming up in just under two weeks. I'm reasonably confident I'll manage it, but I'd still like to get in some more training before then.

I'd be gutted if I wasn't able to do the 10km run, but equally I want to give myself the best chance of running the whole way. So what should I do? Rest completely until the niggle goes away? Keep up with my training in the hope that the stretching regime will counteract the running?

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There's not a lot you can do in two weeks to prepare for a race as the training has already been done. As you're feeling confident that you'll complete it then I'd say don't run in the meantime until the pain subsides, stretch and try to do other cardio/strength work which will all help on the day. When the pain goes, then try a slow short jogette, say 3K to test the ankle and then listen to your body as it will definitely tell you what to do next! Fingers crossed.


I agree with HRH , I would definitely rest it for the time being.

Good Luck and hope it sorts itself out in time for your race xxx

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Agree with the others.. as usual they are completely right! :)

I had a neoprene thing when my ankle was twinge at the beginning of C25K, bought it to support the right foot, as I had torn my my Achilles tendon, a few years ago, did not need it for that but had twinges in my left one, so wore it for a while.. it helped:)

Link to that.. may be helpful.. I am nowhere as experienced as the lovely poppypug or her majesty Irishprincess , but it could work maybe?


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