Dr Doolittle I ain't!

Off on my run and only a very quick stop to see the baby goats this time!!

40 mins and legs feeling tired so back home via the wetlands, but my route was blocked by some cute fluffy cygnets....

...not a problem, as I explained to angry daddy swan that I was no threat and if I could just slip past I'd be merrily on my way!

I understood him perfectly and turned round to find an alternative route home!

Legs a little heavier now and they were unable to safely deliver me onto the path...I tripped and went headfirst into a bush!!

Im scouring You Tube now in case there were any witnesses!!

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  • Ha ha 😊 Swans! Steer clear is best. They don'-t feel the need to give way do they 😊

    Tee hee 😀 We all come a cropper at some point. It's a rite of passage; we've all done it. I fell over a speed hump in the dark in the local park. I wasn't ninja running honest.

  • Haha! Funny.

  • Are you okay... well done anyway, and on missing the swan! :)

  • My pride's a little bruised!! But hey all elite athletes take a tumble at some point in their career😄

  • Fluffy signets....awwwww. Daddy swan....eeeeek!

    Sounds like a great adventure. ☺

  • Oooh Sarah, theres some swans always hanging about the decking when I go to the local water park.

    I'm a bit scared of them to be honest cos I once heard that they have the strength to break an arm if they attack you . So you had a lucky escape , well apart from going head first into that bush ! Oh dear :-)

    Yep we all do it at some time or another, its a badge of honour !

    Well done on your run xxx

  • Ha Ha great post! But swans aren't really dangerous! Saw someone handling one and posed no problem, and said there was no danger.

    People think of them as intimidating because they have a wide wingspan, but then some people are intimidated by spiders in the bath.”

    And yet the image of the aggressive swan endures in the popular imagination - tied up with the old wives’ tale that the bird can break a man’s arm with its wing.

  • I have no problem with swans but he was protecting his babies so I gave him some respect!

  • Ive just written that Dave , about that they can break a man's arm with its wing !

    Is that just an old wives tale ? I thought it was true ! :-) xxx

  • Hi Pops, as I said they are pretty much harmless, and seen them handled, and the guy an expert said there's no danger, I think anything will try and protect it's young though, with a bit of hissing & wing flap, but is mainly all show with swans. Geese though, I'm not sure about them, have had a few little run ins with those, and they do come after you don't they...

  • I think injury from swans is rare and unlikely to hurt an adult BUT they are very territorial birds and the male (cob) will defend the nest especially when cygnets are around. Certinly there are reports of them dive bombing canoists who stray in to their territory and I remember my dog being chased off a local lake by one on more than one occasion, many years ago! I think its always good to give respect Sarah!☺

    Beautiful birds though - "Lord of the reedy river".

  • I steer clear of them. They may well be gentle souls but that's not the vibe I get off them. Last time I saw 2 on the path in front of me, I did an about turn too. They really didn't look like they were going to budge for anyone and they didn't look averse to a quick nip on the arm either.

  • Hope you didn't damage the bush ;-). Seriously hope that you are ok.

  • Thanks mat I think the bush came out of it better than me!!

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