7k- for the first time.

Last night I managed 7k which I found manageable. I've signed up for the race for life 10k on the 10th July. My question would be: do u need to have nailed 10k before this? I'm hoping, over the the next four weeks, to gradually increase the distance of my long run. I'll probably make it to eight and a half before having to taper things off. I'm hoping the atmosphere at the event will carry me through the last km or so! I'll take a little walk break if I really need it. Anyone else had experience of this? Advice gratefully received.

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  • Oops-meant I, not u!

  • Brilliant... :)

    I have no experience of running a 10K, but... do know that after I did my first 7K run,( a few weeks back), the distance has crept up over the ensuing weeks. I ran 8 K last week..( really slowly, but I was not thinking about speed...) the increased distance just seemed to happen without any real struggle, and not really having to try.

    I shall do my short run tomorrow and Sunday, and then a longer run Tuesday, and see how far I get:) So, I feel sure that if you have four weeks, this 10 K would be manageable.

    I do know there will be loads of great advice form those experienced folk on here though! :)

  • oops... from, not form :)

  • If you use the 10% rule, ie. adding 10% of your weekly total distance to your weekly long run, then you will arrive at 10k in time. Personally, l would prefer to be comfortable at a particular distance before race day, but as you say, the atmosphere will carry you on to the finish.

    I also wouldn't get too hung up about tapering for a 10k, it honestly is much easier to achieve than your first 5k. Just make the week before easy runs with no excessive distances or speed.

  • Thanks- great advice.

  • People say you don't need to have done the actual distance before a race as long as you are near, adrenaline and excitement should get you there. For me, I prefer to know I can do a distance and so when I did my 10k, had done the distance before. I have a Half Marathon in September, so need to raise my game

  • Thanks- good luck with the half marathon!

  • I've got a Race for Life 10K coming up on Saturday 25 June. I went to a Chi running workshop on Tuesday night and I told the guy I had just done C25K and was going in for this race. He looked a bit worried when I said "10K" but relaxed when I said "Race for Life" and said "Oh, it's OK, you can walk in that one".

    Obviously I want to do as much running as possible in the race but this has taken the pressure off me to run a full 10K.

    Just something to bear in mind...

  • Good luck in your Race for Life!

  • It is a fun event, runners go off first, then joggers, followed by walkers so try your best and if you need to walk for a moment, that is fine. Hope it goes well

  • Thanks guys! I will just do what I can manage...

  • Hi Katie - have just googled chi running having not heard of it before your mention above- sounds really useful! Just booked myself onto a taster session in Taunton for Sunday, thanks!

  • I am not qualified to even be reading this forum :-) but I wanted to say well done - isn't that first 7K magic! Even better than the first 5K.

  • It really is... it was my magic number!

  • It did feel good 😄

  • Just enjoy being able to do these longer runs. I agree with IannodaTruffe, you have it in you to run 10k now, so self -belief is the thing. I find it's important to try and pace yourself slightly slower as you aim to go further, save your steam for the end. But if you can comfortably run 8.5k by July then you'll be fine I'm sure. Although I jumped up to 10k one day just because I felt like it and that was fine too. Enjoy :)

  • Thanks!

  • I think once you can run 7K then you can definitely run 10K. You have plenty of time but even if you ran your race tomorrow I reckon you could do it. If you're not already doing it then you you should consider some cross training like cycling, swimming, rowing, etc to help your joints and make you a stronger runner and continue to stretch every day even days you're not running. The more supple you are the less chance of injury.

    Well done on the 7K. It's a magical number 😊

  • Thanks for the advice! Happy running x

  • oooh, just read this and I'd never thought of stretching on non running days but I think I need to as I have a niggly hip after every run which takes a day to go away...thanks, x

  • In think from what others say, you don't necessarily have to have run 10k, as you say the crowd and atmosphere will carry you along .

    If you are happy to walk some then you will do just fine , as always the main thing is to enjoy It 😊

  • I hadn't actually run 10km when I did my first event and from there, flushed with success, I went and did an 11km the following week. Since then I have had to cut back to 5km as I think the rapid increase in distance caused a flare up of an old ankle condition. So yes, you will be able to do it, but I think sticking to the 10% rule is probably safest.

    Good luck, and have fun!

  • I suspect you will hit 10k before your event, if you are hitting 7k now. For me, hitting 8k seemed to be a turning point (physically and psychologically). I moved from 8 to 10 much more easily than I thought I would. Even if you don't, as others have said, the adrenalin on the day is magic stuff and you will be fine. Lots of luck☺

  • Yes, I have 8 in my head as the distance to get to because psychologically it doesn't seem that much further to ten! Thanks.

  • 10k will be well manageable :)

    Keep one long run a week, don't overdo things.

    Just keep the 'slow and steady' mantra and if you start to flag take it back a notch but keep your legs turning over.

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