Can I join the 10K 'on a high club' please?

When I completed the C25K and discovered that I was capable of running 5K without collapsing, I worked hard to do my three runs a week and took advice from many of my fellow runners on this forum and built up distance gradually. One rainy afternoon after an 8k run, I saw the advert for Race for Life 10 K in Stamford which is local to me. Yes, you know what I'm going to say next I signed up without really thinking too much about what I'd actually signed up for! I did think if I can't run the full 10K I'll just walk it.

So the day arrived, yesterday and donned in my pink tshirt and anxious looking hubby in toe, off I went. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of pink participants including dogs in tutu's!! I did some stretching to a very enthusiastic speaker to a 70's disco number and then we were off. I struggled as always for the first couple of kms then got into my stride, focused on my rhythm, my breathing and my music. The terrain was a bit mixed, ie some long grass areas, muddy paths and rubbly concrete paths. these all caused some discomfort but I hung on in there and kept thinking this is about raising money for cancer research and having read many statements adorned by fellow runners so many people have lost someone dear to them to this awful disease. So I kept focused on how fortunate I am to be able to run and take part in this event.

The 10K sign eventually appeared in my sights as did the proud smile of my hubby and I was over the line... job done. My time was 1hr and 8mins which I'm pretty happy with and a medal to boot saying 'I did it'.

I am emotioanl as I write this as I always do, even though I've never met any of you on this forum I feel like we're all in the same, 'fighting personal challenges club', and without it I think I would probably have never made it this far, so big thank you to you all. Yes I'll shut up now blubbering fool!

Love to all and happy, safe running xx

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  • Excellent, well done.

    Very respectable time too 😀

  • That is fantastic well done! . I did my first 10k yesterday, not in a race, just me plodding round the park but it is a great feeling isn't it? A year ago I couldn't even run for a minute without feeling like I was going to explode. 😄

  • Fantastic description, I was one of the Pink Army at Stamford too! I really feel good now I have done it. My legs have been a bit silly just lately and they were a little sore even in the first 3 km, I even thought about dodging onto the 5k route instead of the 10k! But I told myself to go on further and actually, started to enjoy plodding around the woods and tracks, beautiful setting, totally awesome people and feeling proud of us all - well done u. What now??

  • Congratulations! And what a moving post! I know exactly what you mean about the support on this forum. It is priceless and a very special place. Glad you enjoyed yesterday and that is a fab time for your first 10K! Race for Life is quite a humbling event isn't it? I still have the dedication to my dear Dad, that I wore a few years ago, upstairs in a drawer. So, first 10K in the bag, now you need to find a new goal?! Good luck.

  • Lovely, uplifting post Bunny, really enjoyed reading it, thank you xxx

    Yay, Go you ! Well done on your 10k , excellent job !

    Request your Graduate 10k badge on the blue pinned posts on the right.

    Well done to you , that's a brilliant time too ! :-) xxx

  • This is a really big achievement, we just don't know what we are capable of until we try. Well done, you should feel very proud of yourself and the feeling will last for days I'm sure. You can't buy that!

  • Well done, go and request your snazzy 10k badge, you have earned it.

  • Very well done☺

  • That is amazing! Well done! 👟

  • Fantastic, well done :)

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