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Thanks for the advice - slow and steady got me to 7.4k

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After posting yesterday that I'd thought I'd left it too late for a 10k in three weeks, and needed advice, you lot helped enormously. So today's plan was to run to the park to where I usually do the c25k with my daughter, giving her moral (and physical) support. Then run home after. She's in week 5 so there was some walking in between. Got near home to find if slightly miscalculated the distance, so did a detour to get past 7k. Finally got to the front door at 7.4k in an hour and a few seconds. I'm thrilled to bits, as this was about stamina not speed. Will do another short run with my daughter Wednesday, a Parkrun Saturday, and in theory do the same again next Monday but expanding the route a bit further again.

Funny to find my legs got into a real rhythm at about 6k that I wasn't expecting! There's hope yet 😊

Thank you so much, a very happy bunny here 🐰

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Well done you... Remember slow and steady always wins the race :)

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

It does! Speed comes after stamina, that took quite a bit of learning, but it's sinking in 😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to ju-ju-

So true ju-ju- ... my mantra!


I always run 3 times a week, 2 X 5k and a "long run" as I still find that allows my lil old legs to recover. Great u found a pace at which you could get to your goal, brilliant. Keep your eye on how well your legs recover and keep going

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to JoolieB1

I had been running too often and had to take a week off! It was so frustrating πŸ˜– I think 3 runs will be sensible for me for now and incorporating a long run. Taking fish oils as I heard they are good for warding off the DOMs. I feel far more positive now πŸ˜€

What are DOMs, please?


Great stuff !

Glad you had a happy outcome, makes it soo worthwhile doesn't it ?

Well done ! :-) xxx

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to poppypug

It does make it worthwhile 😊


I've done a few 7 and 8k runs now and something happens around 5-6km! It's maybe just that my pace and breathing have really settled in, could be endorphins and other chemicals doing their bit or it could be 'relaxing' knowing that the end is nigh but I really start to enjoy it!

Definitely keep your long run slower and steady, maybe just use your parkrun as the one to push on and even then maybe not every week, maybe really push it alternate weeks looking for pb's.

There's so much still to learn for us but you know you're getting there now :)

Well done :)

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to jt24

That's interesting to know you got that same sort of feeling at that distance! I have been hitting a lot of PB's at the Parkruns, but that's because I'm a new runner and any improvement in fitness shows quickly. My last one I averaged 6.45 per kilometre, but I've slowed right down to a 7.30 to 8 pace to get the distance done. I'm learning so much. But I'm still moving 😊

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to Needing-answers

I mean that pace for running past the 5k for now


You are doing well. I am trying to increase my distance but find it very very hard. You obviously got the knack for it.

Needing-answersGraduate10 in reply to nhs2015

I don't know about having the knack, but I did what I was told and slowed right down. Just keep at it 😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to nhs2015

Me too, I am trying to increase distance..and it is hard...when I do it.. it is often without thinking about it!

Well done, you! I dream of being able to run like you, some day. xo

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