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My first 15 minute run

Normally, for me, today would be a "rest" day - however, I am now changing my rest days to 15 minutes easy days - just to get my heart rate up for that short time and get a bit of extra mileage on my legs. I ran it at the "hard enough to be happy when it is over - but not hard enough that I couldn't have done a bit more!" pace - and quite enjoyed it. Now for a shower and some breakfast! :)

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Well done Bazza! You said you would ... And you did😊

enjoy your breakie

Still haven't read the jogging book but I will.


That's interesting. Short but fast. I was thinking about running on my rest days since I'm not training hard for anything but I'd considered short, light runs and I'd still leave one day out as rest day. Not sure if my body is ready for it yetthough. Keep us posted on it.


It isn't fast - although it could be on occasion ( around tempo pace?) - no, this is just an easy, quite slow 15 minutes - kind of a bit of a fill in between the real training days :)


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