20Klms for me tomorrow --

to be done at a very slow pace around 8:20 mins per K. I am prepared with my running belt stocked up with 3x175 mls of Powerade drink, half a dozen hard sugar sweets, one Cherry Ripe bar, 2 nutty bars and one sachet of orange and apple baby food !! :) Should be able to also find water along the route ( which is through Surfer Paradise in Queensland - part of the Gold Coast marathon route) I also have a Cola gel ( with caffeine) - but I can't find anywhere to carry it!! :)

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  • Woah that is a long run Bazza1234 , sounds like you very prepared for it , have a good one ☺

  • If you don't have the run you could just stop and have a little picnic 😊

    Good luck Bazza.

  • Sounds like you are as prepared as you can be Bazza! Lots of luckπŸ‘ .

  • Wow, will u run non-stop or maybe pause for a view and refreshment? I like to feel I can pause at the right moment when on a long run (longest so far is 15km), that is impressive doing 20!

  • I "run" anything over 10K using run/walk strategy ( quite short running segments) . Hence no real need to stop to smell the roses :)

  • Well done Baz. Can I come with you? 😊

    I packed two chewy sweets with me yesterday, tucked inside my wrist band. Firm, rubbery coating type of sweet. No room for anything else. They were fine in there. Mind you this was draughty Derbyshire 😊 I tried the baby food but nah, never again ☺

    Good luck with it Baz. Enjoy the views.

  • How did it go?

    I've become a fan of medjool dates, so light and full of good stuff for running, natural and overall cheaper😊 Still add electrolyte replacement to water for longer runs though (sis or high 5)..

  • Not bad!! This time while training for a HM in early July, I am running my training longruns very slow, using an appropriate run/walk ratio to slow me down. Basically I am walking for a longer time than I am running . Last week I managed 18 KLM at 8:20 mins per K - this week I did the 20Klm at 8:10 mins per K. I didn't want to do it 10 seconds per K faster than last week - but couldn't seem to get it down to that yesterday. Anyway, last week I was very tired when I got to the 18K - and was equally tied this week when I got to 20K. But I don't know if I could have done an extra 2K last week - so perhaps there is a "bit" of improvement. I think I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I will not go further to a full marathon in the future.

  • That sounds just perfect; Keep doing what you are doing - it is a huge distance and a long time on your feet... Really well done Bazza1234 . Round of applause to youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • A long time on my feet - yes, that is what I intended - and my feet are indeed reminding me of it this morning!! :) Yesterday was not about heart and/or lungs at all - it was all about feet and legs - and strangely enough even my stomach muscles started to complain a little!! :)

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