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Searing calve pain


Feeling rather frustrated and unmotivated over the last 2/3 weeks I've been having the most horrific calve pain the moment i start running i can barely make it a mile before they hurt so much i just can't run any longer. 

Im stretching (which really hurts at times), icing at night and taking some ibuprofen now and again. Any further advise on what to do, I've heard conflicting things about keep running and it'll get better or rest for a week.

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I don't think you should run through that level of pain. If you can, get a sports massage to loosen everything up. Use a foam roller every day (or a rolling pin) and stretch as often as you can, rest from running and only when you're pain free ease back and run very slowly. Have you got the right shoes?

Btw, taking Ibuprofen every now and again does nothing. For them to work you have to take them regularly for a good two weeks, but I would try everything else first.

Have a look at these tips.


Running is all in the calves.  They get strengthened as you run, and/or do calf exercises.  You have to run nice and slowly for c25k or everything protests loudly

Have another go once you're recovered ☺


I had a burning sensation while running which made me stop in my tracks several times.  It lasted over a week and knocked my confidence.  I was running 10k before that regularly.  I think I had caused it myself because I had introduced skipping and a week later, my problem started.  I just rested as much as possible and if my calves hurt on a run, stopped and walked or stretched each time.  On Monday, managed to cover 12k trail running and stopped a few times but at least 11k was running.  Seems to be improving

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