Shin pain pity party :(

I've been having a twingy pain in my left shin for a couple of weeks, so i've reduced mileage, iced and been trying to do extra stretches/exercises using calf muscles to help. I 'think' some causes are that I run on the road or pavement (which is very slanted in places), and wearing heels at work may have shortened/weakened my calf muscle..?

Anyone got any experience with shin splints/shin pain? What were the things that helped get you back out there?

Been advised to 'toe tap' (tap toes 20 times) and to use KT tape by a colleague.

I'm feeling frustrated and sorry for myself, any advise welcome :)

Thank you!

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  • I am not best placed to help with advice of this subject but wish you a speedy recovery, Sarah.

  • Thanks Dunder :)

  • Sorry Sarah, no advice for the shin splints. I just wanted to send my best wishes though.

  • Thanks Yatesco!

  • Can't help but wish you well... :-(

  • To properly rid shin splints means strictly no running for an average of 7 weeks or it can come back. A friend of mine had it and tried a short rest, and tried to dismiss it, but in the end had to rest up fully.. maybe best to get it diagnosed processionally by a doctor/physio..

  • I had shin splints often as a new beginner to running. Finally I went to a running store for gait analysis. The advice that I received from the shop was to not 'over stride'. Try and land with your body over your foot, rather than land with your foot in front of you. It is very hard to actually do this if you think too hard about it. Instead, try and run 'stealthily'. Take shorter strides, and land your feet quietly. I've said it before, but try to run like an assassin, running up quietly behind your victim. Running quietly, with a fast cadence / short stride *should* help reduce shin splints.

    The shop did sell me some new trainers, but I'm sure that the improvements to my gait was what stopped the shin splints, not the trainers.

  • I haven't had shin splints but I do think a foam roller works wonders for all kinds of tightness and aches. It'll hurt like hell the first few times but gradually the pain subsides. Don't actually roller the bony part of your shins, just each side and your calves.

    Wearing high heels definitely shortens these muscles and I always do a few exercises after I wear heels. Stand on tip toes and then roll back on your heels is a good stretcher generally for your lower legs and the stair calve lift and drop. You could massage this area yourself.

    I hope the pain eases for you.

  • I have been running mostly on tracks and grass because I wanted softer ground to avoid shin problems and knee soreness. That worked but just as I was doing a weekly 10k fine, pains when running in my lower leg muscles, like a stinging and burning that stops me running - grr. I think very uneven ground may have caused it. Have a 10k event on Sunday so just going to go for it and if I have to walk, so be it. Otherwise will drop distance and keep going. Really frustrated

  • Thanks for the advice all. I'm going to try foam rolling too and see how feel on Saturday after a few days rest.

  • Having had shin splints I know how painful they are! They are tiny breaks in the bone so putting a foam roller on them would be agony! Mine went through using ibuprofen gel directly on the shins with wrapped ice packs for the pain, longer breaks between running (try doing core work in the gym or at home instead), softer surfaces to run on and shorter strides as mentioned before, as it puts less impact and stress on your legs. You are supposed to stop running but I hobbled through it. Pleased to say I don't get them any more, occasionally my shins feel a bit tender but NOTHING like the pain I originally had 😊

  • Thank you!! You've given me hope :)

    I'm glad yours are significantly reduced.

    Rest is really not a word we like to hear is it. Lol

  • No, it isn't! But I promise you, you'll feel better for it. And you'll get there, if my old bones can recover from it there's hope! 😊

  • How long did it take for the pain to subside? (I'm so impatient and i've got a couple of 'races' booked next month- eek)


  • The pain started to ease considerably after 5-7 days, but I cut down to short runs and twice a week. I also got some long compression running socks, they are expensive but whether it was psychological or not, I did feel the more support I had in my legs helped. They are hot for this weather though! 😳 Just remember taking it easier now will make a big difference.

  • Sounds very much like my sister's experience of shin splints a couple of years ago. Not nice. Took a good few months to settle but she returned to running her HMs etc and has not had them since.

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