Confusing 10k !

Help. I'm confused. So I graduated last year and have building my distances slowly and have now run 10k a couple of times. I'm turtle slow but trying really hard not to stress too much over that. My normal time for a 10k is between 1hr 20 & 1hr 23 (told you I was slow !) Set out this morning but the run was a disaster. Way too hot, horrible route, too many gremlins telling me I couldn't do it etc etc so I more or less gave up and walked absolutely loads of it. Told myself I wouldn't worry about the time and would just put this one down to experience. BUT, when I got home my Garmin said I'd done it in 1hr25. How is it possible that I was only 2 minutes slower when I'd walked so much of it ? ! 

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  • Oh bugger I've only done one 10k and that was in 1,17 so that means I'm turtle slow too 😀

    As for the time, perhaps you went off too fast too soon so you were ahead of your normal time but exhausted. Then because you were walking and didn't stop completely then you didn't lose that much time?

  • Nooo that's not turtle at all. I'd LOVE to have 1.17 as my time. That's going to be my next goal - a sub 1.20 10k. You may be right - perhaps I need to look at my stats more carefully. Thanks for your reply xx

  • I'm another crawling turtle! 

    You were possibly running faster than you thought/ would normally. If it helps any, I ran a stonking 5 miles (about 8k) the other day, todays 5 miles felt like a slog & it only ended up 2 mins slower than the stonking run was......... 

    Keep going, we all get cruddy runs, I had one earlier in the week where I ended up walking a fair amount & then giving up a mile short of target. 

  • I think you could be right - going to look more carefully at my stats. Amazing the difference a good or bad run makes to your day and your confidence isn't it ? I'm doing my first ever 10k event next week so am just using today as an exercise in 'it can't possibly be worse than that.' Can it ?!?!

  • Nope, the atmosphere on the day will keep you going. You''ll be just fab! 

    Good luck with the race ☺

  • I had reached my 10k and was doing that once a week when I went out and couldn't run for 5k, calves stinging, not had that since doing C25K.  Really knocked my confidence and looking back could have been because I had introduced skipping the previous week.  Had a week of spoilt runs but feeling now ready to go out and do 10k again.  Think bad runs, bad weeks just pop up, keep going out, regain confidence and away u go again!!

  • I've had walk-runs that came out at better times than continuous running, it happens! I think you'll be surprised how fast your walking rate is, and how fast you can run if it's only for short stretches. The good news is that walk-runs are a really good way to build up stamina, and importantly you're still out there not on a couch ;) By the way I've only done one 10k so you're ahead of me even knowing how you generally do a 10k. My one and only 10k took 1hr 11min, which I consider very fast for me, something magic happened on the day and everything just seemed to come together. I'm wondering if I'll even manage to do one again, although I'm trying very hard to. I managed 7k week before last but am mostly sticking to 4/5k at the moment. My pace can vary a lot between 6min/km to 9-10min/km so things are far from predictable yet. It's important to remember we're still new to all this. You just have to see how things go on the day. Keep going and eventually you'll get that magical day too, below 1h20 or whatever you're aiming for, and it will all feel worth it :)

  • I am sure the run/walk versus just run has come up before and in lots of cases the walk/ run was pretty close if not better . 

    Take it 27claire  , don't worry on the pace , if you are comfortable at your pace go with it ☺

  • I'm really slow as well - only ever done one 10 k and took 1 hr 25 mins. It was a lovely run, but I thought I'd overdone it 24 h later when my shins started to hurt badly. That passed after a week though and I'm building up slowly again. Concentrating on 5 k at the moment, but with one long run a week which I do with an HRM to ensure I don't go too crazy. Would love to run 10k regularly at a decent speed!

  • It will come along JaySeeSkinny take your time.

  • Bad run, it's in the past now I had a shocker on Monday myself I put it down to the weather and not going to dwell on it.  Take the positives, you were out there running for the most part.  When you get a good time on a run you will just get spurred on.  Keep on running.

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