😀First 10k achieved...bit of a wet one!

😀First 10k achieved...bit of a wet one!

As you can see from the photo, some of my lovely railway line run is pretty wet at the moment! Needless to say I ploughed on regardless, and despite having to slow up to go round and often through much of the water and mud on route, still managed to achieve a time of just over 1hr 06 mins! So pleased to have reached the magic distance that was my goal. Now looking forward to that first 10k event in March and have also signed up for a 10k Bluebell trail run in May! Trails are where my heart lies I think, as picking my way through muddy fields and woodland is where I find my happy place😀!

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  • Well done! I did my first 10k today as well! Somewhat slower than yours though, despite being less muddy and wet! It looks like a nice place to run - when it's dried out!

  • Congratulations to you too Sarah! Great feeling isn't it?!😀

  • I am totally with you there as I love running trails. At this time of year even when I choose somewhere safe there are still massive puddles and mud to negotiate and often I fail and return home with wet shoes and socks and mud splattered running tights! Great that you did a 10k, it is a good distance because psychologically it opens up so much to your running adventures

  • Well done Sandra that's excellent! 😊I'm beginning to get a feel for trail running, only done around 5 or so so far. the run leader on weds night said go straight through the puddles as thats where you get the best grip and traction! i Your 10k time is great!😆bask in the glory! X

  • Yep, I have increasingly been finding that straight through is often the easiest way! Thanks!

  • Well done! Lovely photo, v muddy!!

  • Well done.

  • Great stuff! That looks the business that does. The first time you feel the cold of the water hitting your feet is yuk. I never quite got used to that. Brrrrrr

    Congrats on your first 10k! It's a key moment in your running life this is. You will run many, many more of them. Happy days x

  • Thank you☺!

  • I don't like getting my feet wet.

  • Congrats! That puddle looks familiar! Much of my canal path route is covered in puddles like that, not so muddy, but no getting away from having wet feet by the end :) Can't wait to reach 10k myself, you sound like you're looking forward to your next one :)

  • Fantastic Sandra , that is a brilliant time for 10k , I would be over the moon with that .

    That looks a lovely place to run .

    Well done ! :-) xxx

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