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Pre event testing

Pre event testing

I know it's quite late to be testing things.  My HM is on Sunday and I have been watching the weather.  As it stands now we have 23 degrees forecast for Sunday.  My favourite  for running is 11degrees.  

I thought it would be prudent to go out today do a little 5km but just put together some of my summer running stuff and slather on my sport factor 50 sun cream.  I have a newish water bottle I wanted to trial again and I wanted to wear my all action belt.

I call it my all action belt because it's a normal runners belt with two section pouchs that slip onto the belt.  One of the pouches will easily carry my iPhone 4.   They only cost £3.99 from decathlon and are so handy.  With the pocket the belt has plus my two pouches I can quite easily carry keys, 2 dried mango packets and my phone and tissues along with my water bottle.  I had it full today and it was comfortable on the run.  

The run went really well I have decided to adopt a 200m run 300m walk just to relax my heart rate a little and help cope with the heat.  One of the things about being at the back of the pack is that I might still be out as it is getting to its hottest midday,. So I will take that into consideration.

I have some skinny shorts arriving tomorrow as I can't find my ones I usually wear on holiday, so I might have to go out and see how they are and see if I can bear showing that much off.  I was still a bit hot today and I could do with being a bit cooler.

Last year time was 3:08 this year I'm thinking anywhere between 3 - 3.5 hours.   I would love to do it nearer 3 but this year I want to recover in a week to a week and half.  So I'm not going to,push myself beyond the point that I have totally done myself in.  I expect aches the next day but I really don't want to be doing the steps on my bum again.   Hehe it's not the most dignified.  

Happy healthy running to you all.

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Looks like you are well prepared there RFC.. I hope you have a good run.

When I first heard about the weather warming up this week my first thought was how it would be running in hotter weather... its seems to have been a long time since we had really warm weather. Does that mean I'm really sad to wish it was just a bit cooler??

Must confess my 10k "race" at the weekend may be a bit cooler irrespective of the sun as I doing the 2 tunnels race in Bath in which about 4k is underground in converted railing tunnels that are now used by cyclist and walkers... its going to be cooool!!


Thank you. Your run sounds really good.  I can only imagine what it will sound like with all the runners footfall in the depths of a tunnel, spooky but fun I imagine.  Have a great time and good luck.  


Ooooh exciting times RFC , looks like you've got it all planned to perfection ! Do you add anything to your water bottle ? I have added a couple of pinches of salt to mine previously. I did a 10k last year and the weather was unbearably hot , I could taste the salt in the sweat on my face , so always add a couple of pinches now :-)

I am picking your brains now for ideas for when I do my HM in October.  Have you ever taken any gels ? I am not keen on the idea of them so am taking small snacks /Jelly Babies etc.  The belt sounds like a really good idea , and its a bargain at that price too !

Good Luck ! Looking forward to hearing all about it ! :-) xxx


I use the sports in science SIS hydro tablets or www.wiggle do their own a bit cheaper.  They are 0 calorie just electrolytes.  That way I'm in control of my carbs and protein.  I use it for events but for runs I use a mix of fresh orange juice with water and a pinch of salt.  There is a nice amount of carbs in the juice that are very easy to absorb.  

I have SIS rego for after the event with a chocolate cereal bar with carb and protein.   It's the only time I use protein additions as my kidney consultant has asked me to eat my protein rather than supplement too often but he understands after events I need to get the fuel back in as soon as possible.

I am aiming to consume around 500 kcal within 10 mins of finishing.  Basically as long as it takes me to get my bag from bag drop, while eating the banana they give me.  

Last year I was using the rego after my long runs and it did help with the muscle fatigue after a 2.3 + hour run the next day.  Now I blitz a banana with milk and a tablespoon of cocoa powder and it does the same job.  I have it as soon as I get in before my bath, sometimes. while in my bath.

I would say play around with a few things as you progress I'm sure you are going to love the training.


Brilliant ! Thankyou so much RFC ,that's loads of advice !

Funnily enough I have a tube of those SIS hydro tablets in a kitchen drawer ! I went to a Run Exhibition last year and they were giving loads out along with massage rubs . I can put them in my water .

Thankyou so much , this has really helped me xxx


Hope all goes well and you have a great time!


Thank you so much. 


STOP WORRYING AND FAFFING ABOUT!!!  :) Get on with the job - you know that you have already completed the distance and you can do it again.  :) If you do get a bit hot and bothered, make sure you slow down a bit and hydrate well during the race.  I hope that my HM in mid-winter July will be as cool as 23C.  I might have too take a jumper to wear before the race starts - don't want to catch a cold standing around!! :) 


Hehe the faffing is half the fun 😀.  This year I am so much more relaxed than last.  I had the best run I've had for ages yesterday after the worst run for two years on Friday.  Even that didn't throw me.  I'm setting off at 6.45 am so it's still going to be cold then, luckily they have a good bag drop at this event.  Good luck with your HM in July. 


very sensible. I bought a new running vest before my marathon and managed to have one run in it for testing and it was fab. I love shorts but I do get CHAFFING which is one of the reasons I am trying ( and failing) to lose weight for Summer!!! Good luck, I know you get the nerves but try and do something that you know relaxes you the day before xx


Thank you Does power washing the patio count! 😆.  Just a thought on weight loss. I have been terribly stuck since learning to run on the weight loss front.  I have managed to lose 6lb this year down to increasing my food.  I'm still juggling things around as my hormones are to pot too.  Could be my age.  But I started with 2000kcal a day and no exercise and within five days I had lost 4lb then I started exercising and it stopped along with hormones.  I'm hoping to cut back the exercise a bit after Sunday and regulate the food to around 2200kcal a day.  I think I run slightly higher on the metabolism front and basically my body thinks i am under eating so hormones and weight loss stop completely.  

If you have 3-4 exercise days free try to eat around 2000 sensible calories and see what happens.  With all the training you do it is very possible it's a case of under eating rather than the opposite.  It's been a real eye opener for me.   Good luck 

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Hmm - that under eating theory sounds  a bit counter-intuitive to me.  I seem to lose weight in "phases" -- lose a couple of KGs and become stable, stays the same for a few weeks and then enters the next downward "phase" .  The body may be attempting to maintain weight when you are under-eating - but like King Canute could not hold back the tide, neither can our bodies to not lose weight eventually when under eating.  What could be the problem is our desire to see a continuous loss of weight - slowly sliding down the scale in equal amounts each week - but as I have said, that is not how my weight loss progresses. 


This is a really good link for calculating your calories specific to your running mileage. 


Getting closer. It looks like you are all set up. Well organised. Go girl


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