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Hello 👋 I'm in need of advice for a half marathon in two and a half months time...I graduated the c25k a year ago, before then I'd never run. My only training has been parkruns for the last five months...usually average 25 minutes a 5k.

I need a challenge but is a half marathon realistic? Will there be enough time for me to train?

Any advice will be much appreciated :)


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  • I personally would push up to 10k first. I think HM in 2 and 1/2 months is pretty ambitious - but it has been done and it depends how fit you are etc. If you go for it you need to find a training programme and start some serious training very soon. You're quite fast, so you probably have reserves!

    There'll hopefully be some experts along to give you some more advice. Whatever you decide have fun and good luck!

  • Hi, I think you're right about going for 10k, the event has both distances and your final line says it all...have fun! 10k sounds more enjoyable :) and if it is, HM might be the next challenge.

  • I will be honest it's a push and you will have to watch yourself and look after niggles very carefully if they crop up.  I have had a look at MyAsics plan and they say you could train for a HM by 19th June.  The early weeks are easier so you might have 1 week wiggle room depending on your event date.  Here is the link if you want to have a look. Most importantly look after yourself, overtraining injuries  take months to get over.

  • Thanks, I don't want to end up injured, so tiny steps. 10k first I think.

    Good luck with your own HM challenge.


  • You have a v quick 5k time so you have a good basis. It's very doable and there are loads of plans online often about 12 weeks but you can start at 2 weeks!!. Are you able to run at a slower pace or have you one speed? Do you do intervals/ hill training? Other sports? If you were me I would go for it. I did my first HM 5 months after completing the C25k programme. 

  • Hi...started a run plan tonight, I'll see how it goes. Slower pace which took a bit of getting used to. No intervals or hills but I cycle occasionally . Thanks for the did your first HM go?

  • I found it fine.... Yes hard but ok. I did the Eden Project half marathon and I have managed to locate my post about it if you fancy a read!!

  • Hi Nick.  I am in a similar position.  I did C25K two years ago then added a km per week to get to 10k quite quickly and then pretty much stopped running.  Last year I got into road cycling and did some long (100 mile+) rides in the autumn.  

    2 weeks ago I was challenged to do the St Albans half marathon in mid-June so I did a 6k walk/run to see if I still could run at all and then a 10k run/walk at the weekend to confirm it.

    I have started to follow this 10 week plan I found online at but I will skip weeks 3 and 4 as I don't have time.  It seems to say (and I have also read elsewhere) that if you can currently run 5 or 6 miles (ie 10k) then you should be able to get to a half marathon in 10 weeks or so.

    If you have been doing regular 5k runs at 25 mins pace I suspect you could stretch to the 10k week 1 start-point fairly easily if you you adopt a slightly slower pace.

    Go for it,

    Chris L

  • Cheers Chris, thanks for the info...good luck with your HM

  • Good luck on yours too Nick.  I see you now have a plan - what does it look like?  And where is the HM you are aiming at?

  • Hi Chris, I'm using the asics app, 3 runs a week with a longer run at the weekend...this predicts a sub 2 hour hm ha ha :) so far the guide pace is a bit slow but I'm only looking to finish and more importantly not get injured.

    I'll be attempting the Wycombe half, so not that far away from yours.

  • Aha. I might investigate that one too then if I enjoy St Albans...

  • Good to see you are still here 😺

  • Yep still here...nice report, the course I'm running looks hilly too :)

  • Hi JJ,  Not so much still here as back again.  I confess that when I logged back in after so long I was a bit surprised but also very pleased to see that you are still posting.  I look forward to being told off regularly...

  • Join me and my merry men ( and women ) on my forum here.. Marathon running and race support. I will always be here till I'm 105 

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