Isle of Wight Marathon

Isle of Wight Marathon

On sunday I ran the IOW Marathon. I went to watch last year and secretly thought I might give it a go altho at the time I was only running 5k's. In training my longest distance was 20 miles. I was planning to pace it nice and slowly, aiming for any kind of finish time as long as I made it. With Aliboo along for support and Boz making an on the day entry we arrived at Cowes Community Centre with a mixture of nerves and excitement, signed in and had 40 minutes or so to get ready for the start. I was wearing my lucky socks Pops gave me in Manchester do knew I'd be OK :) . I started at the back, boz further up the field. After 5k or so I met up with some IW Roadrunners that I know and felt comfortable so decided to run with them. Saw Ali and our dad at about 7 miles. I think they were surprised I was there that early!. Everyone in our little group was encouraging each other and before we knew it half way was reached. I was 16 minutes inside my half marathon PB! Saw ali and dad again who said boz had gone through 15 mins earlier. Gradually as the miles went by our little group split up and I found myself in the middle running on my own. Met Boz at around 17 miles having hit the wall but carrying on. The last few miles were very hilly but I made it to the finish , met by my son, ali and various other friends and relatives in 4'41. Boz came in in 5'17. Amazing willpower to make it after 9 miles of pain!. Overall a great experience. I think we will both be back next year. Maybe Aliboo too, right Ali?

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  • Paul , this is brilliant ! Blimey, that is some going !

    I seriously cannot imagine running for that length of time , its great that you had your personal cheerleaders around the route , they mustve given you a much needed lift.

    Many Congratulations to you , this is just amazing . I knew them socks had magic powers ! :-)

    Really Well done to you and Boz, and the bling is fab, well worth the pain ! :-) xxx

  • Good post there Paul , you summed up the day well, a very positive experience and exciting watching everyone. Nice to do a local one where there are lots of friendly faces! Definitely down to poppypug 's lucky socks though! Boz did really well to persevere and has realised the value of doing enough training! :( Very proud of you both, and yep i reckon you'll both be there next year! Me? not sure but never say never! :) great to have lots of friendly marshals including our own AbracaDeborah who was doing the important job of logging the half marathon times! you will be 50 next year so got to beat that time if you can!!! :)

  • I think that reply means you will take it on next year, Ali :-)

  • hmmmm! those last hills are a bit cruel though!! :(

  • You can do it Ali. You will have done Dorchester by then anyway :) x

  • brilliant, huge well done to you and Boz too, great time as well!!

  • Thanks ju ju. :)

  • Also Caroline was near halfway cheering but I have no idea how to tag people :)

  • Definitely magic powers in the socks pops!. Ali will be writing the report next year as she is definitely doing it, she just doesn't realise it yet :)

  • Ha ha , the power of the socks !

    Yep, I think she will too , shes fearless ! :-)

    To tag people in a post you do the this sign @ and then type the first couple of letters of their forum name , and then a drop down box appears and you just click on their name paulb67 :-) xxx

  • Cool, in that case. Thanks for the support at "off the rails" Caroline69 x

  • Amazing achievement Paul! Really well done🙂 - I too, cannot imagine ever managing a marathon so massive respect to you and Boz. Rest up well!🙂

  • See you at the great south ;) x

  • Magic socks from Pops, AND Aliboo and Boz ? You lucky, lucky man :) I am a bit like one of the little green men in Toy Story who see the claw when I read about a fellow C25K runner doing marathons.... Well done!

  • Thanks mfam. You can do it!. X

  • Uh... I still keel over at the mere mention of a half marathon, Paul :)

  • You'll do one soon enough :) x

  • Watch this space... ;)

  • Well done - cracker of a time.

  • Thanks, see you at the great south too Ali tells me :) x

  • Yes, hope to get there in time. Trains don't start running early enough so a kind friend is going to drive me down. Hopefully we won't be searching out car parks. Have to stick to runs closer to home - it was Newcastle last month!!

  • How can anyone smile running that distance? I mean...... everyone looks as if they're ..... enjoying it!!!

    Lovely photos Paul and that's a fab time too. As poppypug says, I can't imagine running for that length of time either, both you and Boz are epic 💪

    A big well done to you both 🤗

  • Thanks. It was early on that photo. Maybe mile 7? After 17/18 miles it is all willpower x

  • Your legs must have a say somewhere along the way though...... 😊

  • Utterly amazing Wowsers!

    That is fantastic...such things as dreams are made of. Well done indeed :)

  • Thanks Floss :) x

  • Somehow I had always imagined that finishing a marathon was like childbirth (I've never experienced either)... "never again".... and then some time later that feeling wears off.

    You must have enjoyed it to want to sign up for another one already!

  • Yes I loved it. Looking forward to another :) x

  • Wow, well done you! I am in awe of anyone who can run a marathon, but 4.41 is a really good time. Congratulations :-)

  • Thanks Iben. :) x

  • That's a fantastic achievement, and a great time! Well done, and many congratulations :) Lovely to have support as you ran as well, but I would expect nothing less from this running family :)

  • Yes the support especially as it's local was tremendous. There's a really good running community on the island and loads of events during the year. :)

  • Well done! Paul & Boz.. ha ha.. popsocks!😁

  • Ha ha , I like it ! :-D xxx

  • Could be a business opportunity here pops ;)

  • Tee Hee , it hasn't gone unnoticed Paul ha ha :-D xxx

  • Tee hee! There's magic in them thar Popsocks. There must be! Well done Paul and Boz. What a relief to have that one in the bag. Sounds horrendous actually!

    Ali is due for a marathon I reckon. (says Wobble backing towards the exit)

  • Thanks wobble. Yes she is definitely doing one next year x

  • Great post Paul. Fantastic run. Congratulation

  • Thanks NHS :)

  • Wow fantastic Paul. Really well done. Great time too xx

  • Thanks Noaky :)

  • Wow, that's just brilliant, from 5K to Marathon in one year? Musta been the socks - I want magic socks!

  • Haha curly you'll have to get pops to send some x

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