Fastest 10k yet!πŸ™‚

Fastest 10k yet!πŸ™‚

Ok - got pretty close to a sub one hour 10k today. Runkeeper said 1 hour but it then took me 26 secs to get my phone out of my running belt, enter pin and stop activity! (must take new Garmin next time) Anyway, I am still really chuffed because although I avoided any tough hills today, it was so muddy out there - splashed my way through many many puddles as I ran along the old railway line and actually running through some of the mud churned up by horses, was  quite a challenge in itself! So, happy meπŸ˜€!

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  • Happy indeed! That's great Sandra. You'll be ready for your race. When is it?

  • Thanks. The 10k trail is on May 1st here in Surrey. That's the one I'm really nervous about because it's an 'undulating' run ( agh! Hills! What was I thinking?!). Then two weeks later it's the Great Bristol 10K which I'm doing with my sister.

  • Brilliant! Well done Sandra :-)

  • Congratulations. Brilliant achievement. Well done πŸƒ

  • Well done Sandra! Sounds like a 1hr  10k to me! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • I was pleased Ali. I also think it was you who told me it is faster and you get better traction if you run straight through muddy puddles, rather than around the edge/sides? Certainly tested this one today and I think I would agree. (Of course you do get considerably wetter!)

  • Yes that was me!that was the off road run group leader who said that and he did a 3.30 marathon last weekend! πŸ˜†

  • Would agree with that.. I got muddied up today and then ran through a load of puddles.. shoes now spotless..but as you say...WET!

  • Oh well done!! You must be buzzing, so proud!!

  • Well done! What an amazing achievement! You have ever right to be happy!

    Happy running πŸ‘Ÿ 

  • Yeay... go you...we love the mud don't we. You will fly your race :)

  • Amazing job Sandra. You are flying!! ☺

     Well done ☺☺

  • Thats amazing Sandra !

    Well done you ! :-) xxx

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