Think I prefer to run solo

I ran just under 7k constantly with hills solo on Friday and really enjoyed it, and ran just under 8k this morning on a club run with 7 others, which was a lovely sunny cool morning, but didn't seem to enjoy it as much, and am always lagging behind.Β 

Although I got up the hill without walking, which was early into the run, then the rest was fairly flat, I just felt a bit knocked out and had to walk for short periods. The other members are a lot younger than me and I think my dehydration is still playing a part, then sometimes I tend to think I'm still in my 20s! And should be keeping pace with the others, but then I think to myself, hey! don't worry about just one run, at least your out there doing it!😊

Now relaxing and watching the world triathlon on TV..☺

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  • You are out there and doing it...:)

    I have trouble telling my body it is older than I think it is...!

    You are amazing... enjoy your afternoon! :)

  • Thank you darling floss!😊

  • It must be difficult to be always lagging behind! It's one of the reasons I'm not going to join a club. On the other hand you can learn such a lot from others and the social aspect is great. Soon you'll be running with your wife anyway!

    And anyway you weren't last - you were faster than all those people who didn't do anything today!

  • Exactly! I'm never last when running solo..😊

  • I am a running loner! Β Running clubs were not fun to me because as a C25K graduate, I ran when and where I wanted, fields, woods, tracks so didn't feel running on a dark track was fun! Β I enjoy parkrun but still don't want to run the same circuit every Saturday as I want to go out and about and do my long run at the weekend! Β I run in silence, no music and love the sounds, sights and smells of the countryside - seeing the wildlife, exploring a new track and just plodding at a speed that is right for me. Β I would love to find a like minded running buddy, maybe one day! Β I have a coup,e of events booked - June 10k and September Half Marathon but apart from those, likely I will be a loner but never lonely runner LOL

  • There are a lot of us lone runners around Dave. I am too easily discouraged by running in a pack, though it's fine in a race where everyone is doing their own thing anyway. But for me there was always the feeling in club running that I 'should' have been faster and I used to find myself constantly defending my slowness with excuses. No doubt most of the problem was in my own head, but it's the only head I've got, so I have to find a way of living with it. And for me that means running solo. Join the club (or rather don't ;-) ).

  • I struggle when running with others.Β  I always worry about keeping up with them, and about how I look, and if I smell, andΒ whether I sound like I'm going to die - or whether I am actually going to die and inconvenience them :DΒ  I much prefer to run on my own.Β  On the very few occasions when I do run in company it is only with friends, so that generally works out fine.Β  When I enter events, I am constantly amazed by how off-putting it is to have to manage my way around other people.Β 

    Keep running on your own, and enjoy it :)

  • Triathlon was brilliant, fancy Jorgenson having to fight for 2nd and Brownlee barely making it to the finish line!

    I can't imagine running in a group, it's something I'd like to try, but only once I'm more comfortable with sticking to my own pace.Β 

  • I haven't tried running in a group. Not sure if I would like it or just worry about being a hindrance. I've found one group which run in the forest at weekends and I'm building up to trying it out. Not ready yet though, they say you need to be able to run a minimum of 12-14 k. I might give it a try in summer, but then again I might not! Such a coward.

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