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got up at stupid oclock this morning and after much faffing was off for my long run and the first run for my virtual poppy challenge. It started out ok, just a few gremlins during the first 5 minutes, then got into the groove. I had a gel at 4k and another at 8k, 10k came and went, and still on target, but things were stirring. 11k still good, but i realised that something was getting urgent in my guts. 11.5 and I headed home. It was getting a bit desperate. I shut my watch off at 12k but couldn't decide whether it was better to walk or run the rest of the way. Made it home and traipsed mud and leaves through the house in my desperate bid to reach the toilet in time. DId I make it? You decide.

I'm training for a HM and I have to do it in under 7min/km or i don't get the bling (cut off at 2:30). I made it to 12k under 7:00/km and that's with dogs and people on the track. I think I'll do it, but I think it'll be really close. I'll do another 6k this week and a fast parkrun, then hopefully a long run on sunday. Hopefully pasta the night before instead of fish and chips might just make the difference!

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  • Hmm, sounds a little familiar, but fortunately I made it to 18k last week and home just before things got really desperate. Have you taken a lot of gels fairly early on before? Could they have been the culprits? I have only ever tried shotblocks, but have to admit that I am not sure they make any difference....I think nearer to my HM I will try a long distance run without and one over the same distance with them, so see whether I can see any positive impact. Good luck for the next long run!

  • I've tried gels before. The sis gels seem to be OK. I think it was more the fish and chips. I'm going to try shotblocs next time.

    I'm convinced they make a difference. I did a 15k without gels and it was horrible. I'll try different stuff till I get it right.

  • Good luck :-)

  • I've had the "urgency" problem a couple of times whilst out on a long run. Fortunately as I run out in the country it just means extra bits of me get more fresh air than bargained for! (Sorry if tmi.)

    So, in preparation for my HM I did one long run using Diocalm just to see. It caused no problems before, during or after so I used it on the day. It's just something else to have in the kit as a fall back measure - certainly wouldn't use it regularly, if you'll forgive the pun.

  • that's one i haven't thought of or heard about, but I'll keep it in mind thanks. If it were dark I might get away with "doing like the bears", but on a sunday morning with dog walkers and other runners that really isn't an option.

  • my diagnosis- too many gels... I dont ever take them now after an unfortunate incident at about 18 miles into a long run ;( It wasnt pretty or nice!! I suggest ditch them for healthier options and use a tablet in your water instead which has electrolytes in, and then a bag of crisps after to replace your salt ( I have read up on this and it is OK)!!

  • No advice from me on the gels as I'm not running anywhere near as far as you. Just wanted to say well done on your first run of the Poppy challenge 😊

    I did my first poppy challenge run yesterday and it certainly motivated me to do further than I would of otherwise.

    Keep us posted on your progress ☺

  • Wednesday's my first poppy run. Don't have a lot of free days the next couple of weeks so hopefully when I get out will manage some longer runs. Good luck.

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