W9R1 - Too eventful for my liking :)

Got a shiny new app and it says I will make it to 10k in 5 weeks (bearing in mind I have completed the C25k recently). It sounds ever so optimistic! I know it will take longer as I can not fit in 3 runs every week. Just as long as I can do it by 17th of July, I'll be happy.

So with my new app I went for a run in The New Forest on Saturday, it was a lovely sunny day and indeed it was sunny for the first 10 mins, after which it started raining torrentially, I thought I started so I'll finish. I felt quite elated by making such an unlikely choice, I'm not very weather brave at all so continued running with gusto until I took a wrong turn and found a trail where most of the trees had fallen on to the path, so a lot of jumping ensued. I decided to turn into a more clear path only to be confronted by a pony and a cow, unsure how to go around the huge animals, I turned back and onto a new path, I thought "well I don't normally find many of these while pounding the pavement in London". All was fine for a while even the rain had calmed down a bit. Then a massive boggy puddle blocked the path, I though "I can jump this"... As I did, my left foot landed on the mud but I continued to run leaving my running shoe stuck on the mud behind me. The shoe started sinking into the mug and filling up with water as I stood there watching it, luckily I snapped out of it in time to rescue, empty it of water and put it back on. I decided it was time to run back to the car! 

Managed 5.2k in 10mins run, 1min walk x 4. 

Eve though it was fun, I will be happy to be doing the same again this Wednesday on my usual urban setting, I'm no Bear Grylls :)

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  • Wow, what an adventure! Good on you for sticking through your run even with all those obstacles popping up here and there.

  • What an eventful run - It sounds like a real adventure! Eww - I don't like the sound of running with a squelching trainer - I hope it was savable once all the mud dried.

    Good luck with your 10K journey :)

  • Wow - pavements for me too!  Good for you for going adventuring though!  I hope your trainer survived, and best of luck on your 10k journey.

  • I'd hate getting my trainer filled with muck and then having to still run in it. Yuk!  The cold shock gets me! Shudder

    Hopefully your next run will be blissfully uneventful

    The journey to 10k is great fun. Well I thought so. You might get stuck a bit but keep going and you'll push through. Great feeling when you finally do crack it.  Chip away at it, don't try and do too much at once

  • It was a really yucky feeling, you're right!

    I'm following an app, I quite like the structure. It's seems to be quite steady progress but nothing too steep. I'll keep posting as I go :)

  • I like structure too, otherwise I get distracted. Steady as you go ☺

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