#2nd 10K done!

#2nd 10K done!

The weather was great, sun shining, the dog came too... I used strava and endomondo to track my run and managed to goof up with strava which was a shame as I had my HRM connected to that app and not the endomondo app!  Stopping half way with the dog who wanted a good sniff (and the usual) slowed me down a bit but at that point I switched one of the settings (auto-pause) off on endomondo and somehow switched strava off!

You know you're a runner when....

- gadgets suddenly become important

any other "memes" to add?!

Pleased with 10:49K overall though, even if average pace was 8.24 per k (fastest was 5:13! Squeak!)

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  • Well done!  I find the tech stuff harder than the actual running, and deffo more frustrating. A 10 k is a wonderful thing!  World's your oyster now your running is opening up.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks misswobble! :)

  • Good run :) 10k is big milestone to have under your belt :) well done 

  • That's great, really well done! I did my first 10k at the weekend and I was chuffed to bits :-)

  • 3rd one done today! Pleased to get my "Strava 10K challenge for April" done and dusted :) have a black nail on my middle toe, right foot, mind - and that's after buying an expensive pair of new trainers for this stuff! :)

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