Determined to get better running tags :D

This is a list of words so that I can get good tags.  They have not been good in my last few posts, but my last post was an absolute shocker :D

Race; speedy; lycra; going for it; finish line; racing; zooming; triathlon; marathon; resistance training; core strength; planking; push ups; 10k; 5k; parkrun; volunteering; trainers; shoes; new shoes; community; app; quest; graduation; podcasts; gym; swimming; long run; speed; short run; pace; improvement; training; trying.

Okay, I give up.  I bet that makes it!

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  • I think I am too old to understand what u r talking about LOL!  Please explain for an old timer 😉

  • MissW has explained the tags for me, Joolie, but if you look at my other post Asics #2 Beat Katie! you'll see the tags I'm talking about :D  I thought I was writing about my run but the system tagged it with Fasting, Clumsy and Fat - the second two likely do apply to me, but certainly not the first :D

  • Not entirely!  Gym made it in there. Ha ha   Perhaps verbs don't get picked up on.  What happened to zooming and planking I have no idea. Life's so unfair innit.  You should lodge a complaint!  Ha ha

    Joolie    Tags are the key words that are flagged up in your post.  Some posters seems to have a knack of getting fantastic tags, which can be hilarious or amazingly encouraging, etc.

  • I thought it was a positive post as well!  I shall experiment... :D  The funny thing is that since they changed the website I can't see the grey tags anyway, so perhaps I should have added 'blind as a bat' :D

  • Tee Hee ! Wheres all our smiley faces gone ? Theyve disappeared ! :-( That was a sad face , but thats also disappeared :-) xxx

  • I thought it was just me that had lost all my smileys!  They turn up on my emails - so your email had a smiley and a saddy (eh??) on it, but these posts don't any more.

    D'you know what, Pops?  I think I'm turning into Victor Meldrew.  'They' keep messing around with things that were perfectly good before 'they' messed around with things, and making them worse!  Like I said, the green tags were great, but I can't see the grey tags [saddy] and I used to get a reasonable list of tags and now I just get Fasting, Clumsy and Fat [horror-filled face] :D  Well, as I said above, Clumsy and Fat I'll put my hand up to, but I don't think 5:2 is ever going to work for me [cheesygrin]

    Going to bed now.  Going to recite my mantra 3 times before I go to sleep:

    "I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle" :)


  • Ha ha Annie ! You turning into Victor Meldrew ???? I don't belieeeeeve it ! :-) 

    Night Night Annie , sweet dreams and run like the gazelle you truly are ! Xxx

  • Some of the tags I have seen have been quite amusing :) 

  • Some of them are a little worrying... 'Death' for one.

  • Hmm I am sure they are not predictive :)

  • Ha ha, well done Annie! Ta for making me guffaw. I do so like a good laugh. Sets me up for the day.  I know what you mean about messing up perfectly good websites. What they've done on Garmin is tragic!  I've told them so as well. I couldn't stop myself.  

    Disgusted of North Derbyshire!

  • Lovely set of tags there 😎

  • They're better than the last lot :D

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