Longer distance embarrassment 😮!

Longer distance embarrassment 😮!

I am fine with a 5km run but when I do a longer run such as a 10k, I have a problem that is pretty embarrassing!  At around 6k, I am desperate to go to the toilet, it is a good job I am in the woods.  It is terrible to try and run when I am desperate to do a poo (so sorry to lower the tone)!  I am concerned about doing my 10k event in June, will there be toilets around the route?  Or do you have any tips to make sure I can go at home?  

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  • That used to happen to me but after a while it stopped. I think your body gets used to running the longer distances. Don't worry about your race. I have found pre race nerves usually do a great job of making sure this isn't a problem!

    Some people here swear by drinking a very strong cup of coffee before they leave the house to get everything moving. I've not tried this but it might be worth a go (sorry!).

  • Thank you!  I have been running 10k for about 2 months now, so u r right, it is something new to me.  My event isn't until June, I have allowed plenty of time to get more experience.  Hadn't thought of that, nerves will mean I am not likely to be constipated before I set off LOL!  I don't drink coffee so will wait and see!

  • You could always try an enema the day before for a clearout!  Or eat loads of white rice the evening before which help "bind" you up!

  • PS my worry is wanting a wee whilst on a run!

  • I am ok on a short run but it is a problem 😳

  • I cannot - will not - leave the house for a run, even a short one, unless 'regular daily health' has occurred, as my old hygiene teacher used to put it :D  All that bouncing around shakes everything around!  Can you check with the race organisers, just in case?

  • Thinking about it, I would think nerves will shift it all before I get to the venue but it is a Race for Life so I would think it will be well organised

  • In the books and such they advise less fiber on the day of an event to help.  I'm the opposite always go twice before I leave the house with nerves/anticipation.  on normal run days it doesn't bother me.  Most events have toilets so you could check where yours are Incase, it might help to settle your nerves.  

  • Hi Joolie, I always take an Immodium before a 10k just in case .

    I've only ever noticed toilets en route at the Great Manchester Run last year , I didn't notice any on my other 10ks so it might be worth checking xxx

  • That is worth considering, not til June so if it continues to be a problem nearer the time,M that would be a good option, the day before

  • There are a lot of runners who panic about this... And usually there are loos. But it depends on the event. Could you take Imodium on the day??!!!

  • Maybe a cork will help😊 I usually get that all done first thing in the morning, I suffer with anxiety, so literally have the s---s with it at times, so I get it sorted early in the day. But have had the occasional feeling when running that I need to have a pee, although have recently drained the sump! Then the feeling dies away.. Must be the joggling about..😱

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