Distance over speed 😀

Having graduated C25K a while back, I thought I'd stick to improving my 5K time, but I have been lurking here and reading about your super achievements :-) and I got tempted to see how far I could run.

I did run 6:5K a couple of weeks back and loved it so I decided to go out this morning and see what I could do...

Well I ran all the way to the next village and back! The weather was perfect, the birds singing, the country lanes empty, what's not to like?

9:5K in 1 hour 4 seconds. I only stopped because I'd got back home!!

I started C25K mid April and couldn't run 30 seconds. Today, 10k is within my reach, that blows my mind....

Happy running everyone 😍Xx


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10 Replies

  • Hi Bisciut... wow thats a great run this morning..😊

    Distance feels better than speed doesn't it...but you are pretty quick too I think.😉

    Lovely to hear from you again. Super acheivement from you. RFC and Poppy may need to get a 10k badge ready for you.

  • Thanks Jan, I'm already trying to work out a slightly longer circuit 😊!

  • I'd always go for distance over speed, but that's just me!

    Well done!

  • Well done! That's a great distance and quite speedy too! 10k just around the corner👍

  • Well done you...!

    I often run, and just see where I end up and how far I have got... speed... hmmm, not very often...unless i have a tail wind :)

  • That's just brilliant! Pretty fast too if you ask me x

  • Well done! I only get some real speed up when running downhill,but even then start to hold back in case I trip up. You could probably go 10k & beyond now, but first things first, get that 10k badge!😊

  • Next weekend, I hope 😀

  • Well done, sounds like a great run.

  • Well done biscuit that's a barrier u have overcome !

    Next step do it quicker!!


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