My 10k in the sunshine ☀️ felt so...hard!😮

No PB for me today I'm afraid! Ran my 10k (1:04:15) but found it really tough! Had to take a couple of walk breaks to get my breath during the first half, and although the second 5k was easier, I was still so glad to hear Runkeeper tell me when I had reached 10k! Don't know if it was the heat (it felt really warm), me just being over a cold, or that it has been a tricky week emotionally for me, but this was a toughie! Hey, ho  - no such thing as a BAD run I guess!🙂

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  • That is still a good 10k in a good time Sandra :) definitely not a bad run :) and after a difficult week pretty impressive :) they all count . 

  • Thanks Rob🙂

  • Well done Sandra!its definitely harder when its sunny, still an excellent time😊hope things get a bit easier this week ..... 

  • Thanks Ali, it may have felt tough at the time, but I feel much better for it now I'm home!

  • its  great that "after run" feeling! i had the same yesterday! x

  • If every run was a personal best you'd have to be running in minus figures before too long. That still sounds like a marvelous time to me, and it all adds up in terms of strength/stamina building doesn't it? I hope the rest of your week goes better than the earlier part.

  • Thank you🙂 The time was not a worry, but it was just one of those 'hard' runs! As you say, all helps with the stamina and although I felt I had no puff(!) my legs felt good! 

  • It was warm. Even first thing this morning I didn't miss my gloves!

  • Wow... go you... you did it, even with the sun and not being completely well.. brilliant!


  • The distance usually feels easier Oldfloss but yep, weekly long run - tick!

  • That's a great time Sandra especially if you weren't feeling the love. It's all miles on the legs which is the main thing. 

  • They all count Sandra - it's a great time regardless. Keep at it and you'll be under 1 hour in no time at all :-)


  • Thanks John, I like a goal☺ and really hope to go under an hour at some point!

  • Just keep going - your 5k time is a good indicator. Bring that down and the 10k will come down with it. Intervals, intervals, intervals!

  • Hand on heart John, I have never used intervals😮! I know the Speed podcast is available to download. Should I use this or is there another way to plan my own interval training? 

  • Do you have access to  treadmill?

  • I hate treadmills! But seriously, no, I really prefer to be outside!

  • Fair enough, you're not the only one. I do all my intervals on a treadmill so for outdoors, ID recommend either

    (1) the Speed podcast - but the BPM/foot strike/cadence may be too slow, so design your own based on it, or

    (2) the one recommended by ju-ju- - the 30-20-10. There's an mp3 available somewhere, JJ can direct you to it :-)

  • Thank you John, that is really helpful and I'm definately going to look at including some interval training in my running🙂

  • No problem - I keep saying: intervals seem to be the most efficient way of improving your speed for distances like 5 & 10k.

    Good luck!


    This is it, and if you have a garmin you can programme it in :)

    And ooooooo tagging!!!!

  • Fab jj. I have just had a read. Don't have a Garmin but have downloaded a little app called 'Run 10-20-30' to do my counting! I remember you recommending this recently and an keen to give it a go. ☺

  • Someone had posted an mp3 for 30-20-10 ... Let me see if I can find it or even upload it for you...

  • I did find the podcast but the app I found is great. You can programme in number of repeats you want and I can play it behind my own music with the audio telling me when to change pace☺

  • Yeah... Tagging! :-)

  • Did you get some PB's? John_W I couldn't see your post on here?

  • My tagging didn't work 😢

  • John_W

  • Still didn't work 💂

  • I can't tag you either :-( Certainly on my phone, it picks up the Upper-Case Juicys first but can't find lower case ones. Hmmm...

  • PBs you say? I surely did :-)

    Tagging: type @username but wait for the drop down menu to appear - takes a moment .

  • Well done!! John_W  🤘🏼

  • Bingo

  • OK  - even on my laptop, I'm struggling to tag you JJ - think it's to do with the lower-case juicy - consider changing it maybe? Big ask I know...

  • Are you tagging me on here? Im not in C25k anymore as I felt I should leave that for new people and focus on my marathon blog!!

  • Ah ha - that's the answer - yes, I can tag if I make a post in your Marathon community. OK, panic over - anyway, here's my PB post - probs better suited to Bridge To 10K page tbh, but whatevs:

  • Yay!!! :-)

  • Precisely- as long as you get out there, that's a good run! It was really warm here today too, I think I need to start taking a bigger water bottle with me as I'd drunk nearly all my water about half way through my run today!

  • Don't underestimate how your emotions effect a run. If I'm not strong emotionally I just flag... It's really important. Well done you that is a great time 😎

  • Well, it was a run and you did it, so it's all good!  Sorry you've had a tough week though.  Given that, and that you've not been feeling well, and that it was warm, this actually looks like you did really well - congratulations on doing it :)

  • Well done for sticking with it when it felt tough. Some days, runs are just not good - for some reason, we're just not 'feeling it'. Don't over-think it - just draw a line under it and just go again on your next run. 

  • Well done, girl. You walked parts of it and you still had 10k done and dusted in 1h4 minutes? I'd say that if that's a bad day, then you can be well proud of yourself :)

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