12km (managed 5:35 per km)

Tried a 12k first thing this morning and towards the end I went down by the river to see the damage caused by the recent flood in Stratford. I didn't think it was too bad at first, just a few small puddles and some very fine mud which looked like sand. Then I got to where the parkrun starts and it was not good! A lot of debris had been dumped over the path, probably a couple of inches deep in places! To make matters worse the playing fields next to that stretch of path were waterlogged so I had to walk a bit in the 11th km. Needless to say this week's Stratford parkrun had been cancelled.

Still really pleased with my time as it included my second fastest 10k. :-D


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  • Well done Simon, you are on fire at the moment! That is a fantastic pace๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป!

  • "Kudos" ;-)

  • That's a fab pace! Well done you.

  • I set off thinking 6 mins per km would be great. 72 mins for my first 12k would be great for me. But I just plod on at my natural pace and that happens. I really wasn't trying to go "fast".

    Yet when I push it, it's really difficult! Anything below 5mins 20 per km is a massive challenge. My 5k PB a few weeks back felt like torture. I guess that's something like what top athletes experience day in day out in training!

  • Brilliant!

  • Well done! That brings back memories. I was brought up in Stratford and I used to (be made to) run along the Tramway as part of the school cross country run at the age of about 13 back in the late 70s. I only restarted running again 2 years ago and now really enjoy running especially a longer Sunday run.

  • I often use the Tramway as part of my runs. It's only a brisk 10 min walk from my house. And the new parkrun is just the other side of it!

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