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Finally back running, and longest distance achieved!

Hello everyone,

I haven't been around in a while. Life has been pretty hectic, I had a niggle in my lower back that was telling me I needed a rest, and then I was ill! So that meant a month without running :-( I tried to run too quickly after my illness and felt sick, so did my first proper run last weekend and did 5 k in 35mins, which is slow but steady for me. I had hoped to get out again midweek but was derailed again by work. So I went out this morning, thinking I'd do 5k and maybe go up to 6 if I was feeling good (6k has been my furthest distance so far). So I started off slow and steady, around 7mins per km, and after about 2k I was feeling pretty good, breathing was steady and I was enjoying the run. Got to 4k, still feeling good, got to 5k all was well, got to 6k and realised that I was in the top of my 'loop' of the town where I run. I was feeling okay and thought well I need to get home so I might as well do a bit more, and before I knew it, I'd done 7km! My furthest distance ever! Hurrah! I even felt like I could have gone further but I decided that I'd better not overdo it and risk injury. I'm so pleased to be back running and I've marked out two days this week when I might be able to work from home and then get out for a run. I really hope so as I need to get back into it properly. But in the meantime, hurrah, I can celebrate my 7km!!

Happy running everyone!

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Oh, I love it when our bodies surprise us like that! Well done you for a fantastic it will keep you smiling all weekend😀!

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That's fantastic, welcome back. I've had a similar few months, virus followed by back trouble, it's so hard to keep going sometimes isn't it? Well done on earmarking your running days, don't let life grab 'em, they're yours!


Great advice! :) I'll do that!


Brilliant! Those are the good days, when you set out thinking that you'll 'just' do 5k and then you end up doing more :) Exactly the same happened to me this morning - I set off for a 5k, was doing okay so thought I could get up to the next marker on the trail before I turned around and when I was back to the start point my Garmin was reading 7.08km so I had to make it up to 7.15 :D

I hope you can get out on your two days and really enjoy your running again now you're back :)


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