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Back with another 5k and running to my running tracks


I felt quite a bit under over the last few days, so took some days of rest. Thank you lovely B210k community, for all the advice. I only did a bit of Strength and Flex with Laura, and I feel much better.

So today I was ready for doing another 5k, and happened to run (according to Runkeeper) my 2nd fastest 5k ever! 👍🏽 So that’s good, although I did feel out of breath most of the time. 🥵 I ran to Runkeeper’s “My Conscience” which seemed fitting to the occasion (as I felt guilty not running over the last few days) but nothing special to report about that voice, as she is fairly neutral sounding.

But getting a good (for me) 5k time ⏰ might also be due to having chosen to run to my self-made running beat 🎶 . I had used GarageBand to throw together 60min of a steady 145 BPM (music beat per minute), nothing fancy but it had the right beat for me and really helped me to keep up a steady pace. 🎧

So for anyone running as slow as me (145 BPM) and also needing a steady beat, feel free to use it, 🤳🏻by putting in the RSS feed in your podcast player:

(On Apple podcasts, go to Library, Shows, Edit, add a show by URL)

But I should note I’m not a composer 🎵 and there are no vocals 🎤 and I was just very quickly pulling together some beats to get a stable music beat lasting ca 60 minutes. I’ll be putting some other beats up over time, as I explore running to different beats. But please note I’m simply putting tracks up there for my own running needs 🏃🏻‍♀️, but more than happy to share with anyone who might be interested to try them out.

They do get boring over time, but they do help me get out of a shuffling run to a more energetic bouncy run (e.g. running tall, running strong).

Happy running everyone!

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Glad you rested up a bit and are feeling much better CBDB , sounds a great tactic and thank you for your generous sharing of your tracks. I seem to be getting slower as the months go by so maybe I need to try them out in place of my smooth relaxing classic tracks 😆🤗

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to jorgeRuns

Slow is good in my book.

It’s probably rather individuals like myself, overweight and getting back to being fit, who really see the benefit of slow running as a low impact, slow recovery and long term health improvement strategy.

And if I - with my weight - can run 6 months injury free and not exhausting tendons, muscles and joints, then there must be something to slow running. From what I’ve read, slow running is likely to keep you injury free and running longer.

So here’s to slow running! Feel free to explore my track, and if you have suggestions for improvements, let me know!

jorgeRunsGraduate10 in reply to CBDB

I will, thanks, I’m a big fan of slow running and it’s definitely great injury prevention. 🤗


Well done for getting out there. A few people on the forum have had a tough week, so it's a sign of resolve to recognise the need for proper rest, followed by a restorative or energizing run, whichever we need.

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to Roxdog

That’s a great way of looking at it! We also need resolve to keep within our bodies’ limitations. Thank you!

Well done CBDB, that’s a great idea. Thanks!


Thank you!


Well done CBDB!! 😁😁 I see you’ve got the pep back in your step 🎶 🎵 !! And you’ve had a faster run too! That’s brilliant 🤩🤩❤️.

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

😀😀🥵<— faster😀😃😃<— happier


It’s also great to experience one‘s own intense desire to run whilst having decided to do a bit of resting and recovering.

And I realised that somehow I had difficulty differentiating between a guilty feeling based on the notions of possible being lazy vs intentionally planning in a rest/recovery period.

We’re keeping on keeping on! 💪👍🏽👏

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to CBDB

I’d say it’s intentional planning. Well done. ❤️

That's so good to hear CBDB - you take some rest then run your 2nd fastest 5k ever - Wow!

I'm taking 10 days off as advised by my physio, and am slightly nervous about getting back, but your post boosts my confidence.

And as for the music - I do the same. I've curated an hour of 155bpm and it really helped me keep a steady regular (maybe slightly too fast) pace - hence my injury. I'm going to follow your lead and try your 145bpm collection.

Thank you!

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to 58soon

Nice! 👍🏽 your 155bpm is probably a bit more interesting than mine but I thought I could have a bit of fun with garageband and anchor podcast editing. Don’t expect too much 🤣🤣

And I realised that I may need some real days off running to keep up my energy. So you may find that after 10 days, you actually run better.

Also, I cannot swear enough on foam rolling!

Good luck!

Thanks - I will try that track as (when I am running) I do run better to a good beat. I am still not back to running but am improving so hopeful not too long.

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to Overweightandunfit

Yes, recovery does need patience, so we’ll done!


I’ve been listening to these, really like them, it’s a bit fast for me though, i was thinking of ask g Willow to make me a playlist as most of the ones he has on Amazon are either too fast or too slow, i’m so hard to please aren’t i? lol,

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

Thanks. I know they get boring after some time, but then most pop songs are not longer than 4min.

If you know how many beats per Minute you need I probably can put a beat together, if you like.

WillowandSolaGraduate10 in reply to CBDB

Thank you that’s a great offer, i know we are slow, but Willow is a musician so could if i hadn’t got him decorating the bedroom lol

CBDB60minGraduate in reply to WillowandSola


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