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Garmin advice please!


I'm thinking of asking for a running watch for an upcoming birthday, probably a garmin 30 or 35.I'm thinking that the 235 is getting beyond my budget! Before I finally commit, has anyone any experience of any of these which would make them choose one over another? It's a bit of an investment for me so any thoughts very welcome!

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About 2 months ago I bought a garmin forerunner 35. I can't compare it to another as it's my first one. It's quite interesting. How may miles/kilometres, your heart rate, steps, cadence , sleep . Probably more . I really like it 😊

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Thank you for responding! I'm unsure of the differences between the 30 and the 35 but I'll do a bit of research now as I've two responses recommending the 35. Doesn't seem to be much difference in the way of price!

limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Gwenllian1

I have a 30 and I find it brilliant. It does everything I need. Ive used it up to HM so far quite happily. It has GPS and Bluetooth and you can see incoming text messages too.

I can see Pace, speed, distance,Heart rate, Time and calories used while I am running. It synchs with my phone and then Garmin Connect and also Strava, measures my resting heart rate, my steps, how much activity in my day, tells me about my last run or walk, how far I went, how long it took, and my pace.

You can also look back on your weeks activities and your records ie fastest 1k, 5k, 10k, longest run etc

It has a square screen with clear decent sized figures ( I can even read them without my contacts in) and a choice of coloured straps.

My daughter has the 235 but I think it’s a bit overkill ( and too expensive) for my needs.

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to limberlou

Thank you. That's lots of information! I'll have a consult with my husband (who is the buyer of the present!) and decide!

limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Gwenllian1

I picked the one with the pretty turquoise strap. That was the final decider between the 30 and 35 for me 🤣

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to limberlou

Oh that's funny. Just been looking at them and falling heavily for the turquoise!

I have a 35, it has GPS and Bluetooth, so you can use the Garmin connect app to keep track of your runs. Heart monitor which I don't bother with. It can show incoming messages if that's important to you. Not so fancy as the 235, but reliable, does everything I want, not too big, clear easy to read face, decent battery life. I sync it with my phone after a run to check my stats. My OH has the 235, he loves it and uses the extra features but it's a bit bigger and I know I wouldn't use those extras. Can't remember why I chose the 35 over the 30, but I researched them all pretty thoroughly at the time. Might have been the pretty blue strap 😂

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Thanks gog! That sounds good to me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use one with even more bells and whistles so I'll have another look at the 35!


I like the 235, loads of bits n pieces and it loads my runs or bike runs onto garmin connect on my android smart phone, making it easier with more mobility and saves having to boot up big laptop.

But, if your just wanting gps, time & distance then the 35s good.

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to davelinks

Yes the 35 downloads to my Garmin connect app on the apple phone too, plus to strava if you use that.


I have had the forerunner 35 for over a year Gwenllian1, and it does everything I want it to. Its much cheaper now too . if you know anyone doing a Great Run they have a 25% discount on Garmin so you might be able to get it even cheaper. Definitely shop around for the best deal.


Well I have the 235 Gwenllian, and I love it. I got it for Christmas from my husband last year, but I researched it and ordered it on Black Friday through Amazon where it was a very good price. I then had to wait several weeks before opening it! 😩😩😅 Having said that, it does more than I know what to do with, so you might find a 30 or 35 more than adequate.

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

It seems to be coming down to the face of the watch and my really getting my head around what the 235 does! Further research needed!

cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Gwenllian1

Good luck! It’s fun researching too. 😀


I have the 35 and find it great - probably more features than I need! No experience of the 30.


Although the 35 has virtual pacer and is cheaper than the 235, it doesn't have a colour screen or connect IQ and I prefer the round face of the 235..

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to davelinks

Thanks dave. That is useful to know. I will go and have a look at the faces because I really want something very clear that I can see without my glasses on!!

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Gwenllian1

It's better, just for a little more money..


I also have the 235 as of 2 weeks ago and love it. I too preferred the round face. I haven't had any trouble reading it so far. Much more reliable than an app: I deleted Map my Run because it never recorded where I'd been properly!

Gwenllian1Graduate10 in reply to Rowers

I deleted mapmyrun too for the same reason. I use strava on my phone but everyone I know who uses a watch tells me it's way better!

cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Rowers

I agree about MMR Rowers. I fired it up recently, just out of interest, to run alongside my Garmin, and it literally didn’t record a whole kilometre about 6k into a long run. Luckily my trusty Garmin did. 👍



I’ve just bought the 45s did lots of research. It’s round face seems good but early days. I did look at suunto fitness 3 but didn’t like the fact you needed to use phone gps.

The garmin 45 replaces the 35. Hence 35 price dropping and the s just means it’s a bit smaller/slimmer.

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