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Belly breathing: it works (I think!)

After another (failed) attempt at Speed on Tuesday I decided today to have a tilt at my 5k PB (over one month old!!!). I have seen a few articles recently recommending belly breathing - it activates the diaphragm more than chest breathing apparently and helps get more oxygen into your body. So my focus throughout my run was on my breathing and keeping my head up. The belly breathing does take a bit of concentration but it seems to work. I averaged just a smidge over 5mins/km and got my PB: 25:04, just a few seconds off one of my goals for the year! Chuffed to bits I had a big plate of scrambled eggs on toast with some ham for lunch.

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25:04! Seriously speedy Simon! Well done! I was taught this technique many years ago when I did yoga. The habit has stayed with me to a degree and I know I am quite a "deep" breather😮😮!! Have never paid a huge amount of attention to my breathing when I run - but might check it out a bit more closely and see if I can improve! Thanks.


Well done !that's a super speedy time! I've tried this a few times but will have to give it another go! 😆


That's amazing, how much did you knock off your previous best? I've read quite a bit about this belly breathing recently, how do you square that with keeping your core muscles held? Or have I got that wrong and we shouldn't do that?


I knocked about 26s off my previous best. I have been doing my sprint intervals recently so I guess that's paid off. I also went for my straightest, flattest course - the only place I have to slow down is halfway through to do a 180 degree turn.

The theory is that you should alternate which foot you land on with each breath. You're also supposed to keep upright in order to activate the back muscles to keep your core strong.


Corrrrr that's fantastic!!! I know you are going to get down to 21 minutes so soon.. A friend has tried to teach me belly breathing and it's fabulous for relaxing. I do try and do it when I run to relax but it's hard. I'm crap at this stuff. What makes you say that you 'failed' speed? Did you not go fast enough??!!

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21 mins is a long way off yet! I might have to reset one of my goals for this year from sub-25 to sub-24. Should crack 25 pretty soon.

I failed Speed because my lungs just couldn't keep up and again I had to walk the final jog interval. Completing Speed properly is another goal for this year.


Yep I've tried it. I make a conscious effort to try and do it when I'm really puffed out, even if I have to stop. Running upright, when you feel yourself slumping through fatigue is a good idea. Eyes on the horizon too. Even if just for a bit to help you crack on a bit.

Keep going with the Stepping Stones podcasts as they do really help you move things on.

Have fun!


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