As Orange as miss W's new shoes...

As Orange as miss W's new shoes...

My old car & fleece are as orange as your new shoe's miss W, They brighten the place up! Don't they! lol

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  • I wear bright pink tops and pink head band. They are my "anti being run over by a car" running clothes. About 90% of my running is on the road with cars ! Don't want anyone claiming they couldn't see me, you can't miss me !! I have flashing arm bands if I run in the dark.

  • I love orange ! What car is that Dave ? xxx

  • MGBGT, officially the colours called blaze red..

  • Do you still drive it ? xxx

  • Yes, took it on a 600 mile trip with the car club touring around Devon & Cornwall in September, was lucky with the good weather then..

  • Wow ! Thats brilliant !

    Bet that was a fantastic adventure ! :-) xxx

  • Yes Brilliant Pops, stopped off on Dartmoor, then went and stayed down on the Cornish Riviera for a few days, did The Eden project & gardens of Heligan, then moved on down to Marazion, and went on St Michael's mount, and did other bits n pieces, it was fantastic in the good weather......

  • Sounds lovely xxx

  • Nice car Dave!my dad used to have one 30 yrs ago, saw another just after his 80th birthday last year and treated himself! having many happy hours getting it all done up, its from 1969 😊yours is lovely -great colour! His is dark blue !

  • Yes Ali, have had a new engine put in it, and always tinkering with it when not out running. Not used it much recently, maybe the odd sunny day, its waxoyled, but I mainly keep it off the salted roads in the winter. Mines a 1972, your dad has one of the best years of MGB GT'S.

  • OMGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!! Quick, pass me sun specs!!!!

    Yes they do brighten up the place. Thanks, I needed that. Not looked at my new daps today yet. I have them in the cupboard so they don't fade.

    Now then, down to important matters Is that an MGB GT? It looks suspiciously like it. We had the deep orangey yellowy mustard one. Can't remember the exact name of it. I remember the shape very well. It's imprinted on my brain. I once climbed up to the top shelf in our garage to find sommat and dropped a lump hammer on to it! It fell as if in slow motion, bashed the car and bounced off. My heart clanged to the soles of my feet. Do you know, it didn't even leave a scratch! Made of strong stuff those cars. They do weigh an absolute ton! When my old man said goodbye to ours, after many long years, of mostly sitting in it as it never went!, I thought he'd cry. He waved it away til it was a dot on the horizon. Waaaaagh ....

  • I'm surprised a lump hammer didn't dent it let alone scratch it! Mine goes OK, I keep it well serviced! and can repair most things on it if needed..😊

  • I was so lucky! My husband had it resprayed so if it had dented it I'd have been in deep do-doo. He had lovely new leather seat covers, carpets, the works in it. Beautiful. I loved the huge headlights but in reality they were kerapp! Useless in the dark. Ha ha We had planned a full day's outing in it. I prepared the picnic while he put the finishing touches to the carpet installation. It was dark by the time he got the seats back in and had scuffed his knuckles to the bone. Happy days.

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