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New shoes!

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Hello all,

Hope you’re all keeping well. Sorry for being quiet recently, life is a little manic on the run up to Christmas.

So the last couple of times I’ve run my Karrimors have given me terrible rubs on the arch of my foot. It happened with the last pair of trainers I had but these have been fine for a year or so, but now these are rubbing. And as I’ve also been struggling with a few little niggles I finally bit the bullet and went for gait analysis!

I’ve been putting it off as somehow it seemed terrifying but the guys at Run in Swindon were great and this is the result! I did cringe a little at spending so much on a pair of trainers but they’re so comfortable so totally worth it. Christmas present to myself and all that 😂🙈

They are Mizuno Wave Inspire 15s.

Off out in them tomorrow for the first run and actually very excited. It’s the small things!

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Congrats on your lovely new shoes! Enjoy! 🤗🏃👍

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Yes - definitely worth it!

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Great Xmas pressie. Enjoy. I hope they are super comfy

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Ooo I like those DR! Hope they give you many kms of comfy running. 🏃‍♀️😍

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Oooh, lovely! Comfy shoes make all the difference. I got mine from Run in Swindon - aren't the guys in there great?

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Hidden in reply to Tartancat

They were awesome. So friendly and helpful and really took the time to explain everything! 😊

You got me on the colour. Those are really lovely 😊.

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Hidden in reply to Wimborne

Yes I love the colour too. My brief was no pink 😂

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Wimborne in reply to Hidden

I had the same brief going in but then faced dilemma of buying a pair not on sale or buying same pair on sale but in shocking pink. Guess what. You can see my feet coming from miles away. I now love pink 😂.

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Lovely shoes, don’t get them dirty! 😂😂

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