Cross country endurance run!

It was only 5km but felt like much more! Decided to keep again to soft ground to give my legs a rest and just run 5km. Plodded round at a steady speed on average 7.5 mins per km and thankfully the ground was still cold and frozen even at lunchtime, so a lot of the mud was firm! However, trying to stay on my feet was looking unlikely a couple of times as there were patches of churned up mud in a couple of places and no grass to give me grip! Made me giggle at the thought of landing in it all and crawling home but I did stay upright. Lovely scenery and the sun was shining and birds singing to distract me. Felt like I worked harder on soft ground but it was fun. Legs feel tired but uninjured so should be ok for my long run on Friday, could easily have twisted my ankle today but I am good to go!!

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  • Well done Joolie :)

    Was tempted to run today but decided to wait as it is my longer run tomorrow

  • I don't enjoy rest days but know I need them. I did my long run on Saturday and rested yesterday so pleased I was ok today as I'm just back to doing 10k again

  • Those runs are just brilliant. Nice to run and do your fitness and leg strength the world of good. You'll be hooked :)

  • I love a challenging run when I am sitting on the couch later that day! I just slog on and count my steps, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4! Like a lone GI!! Going to try some steady hill running on Wednesday, see how that goes, then a long run on Friday or Saturday (10k)!

  • Watch out for ankle breaking frozen mud ruts Joolie....

  • Well done Julie, semi-frozen ground can be a nightmare to run on so go carefully!

    I'm out for an 'undulating' 5k trail tomorrow run tomorrow, trying out a slightly different route hopefully which will include more ups and downs! 😮

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