Edging closer

Progress report 8.3km 6.54min/km , pleased with that overall pace was aiming for 7 min so under is a plus , not bad considering running naked ,mob in pocket with runkeeper running on silent :)

Pretty much run without music or anything in ears 100% now quite surprised how much I am liking it :)

Self pacing and relaxing into the runs is getting easier as I go along :)

Next update , should fingers crossed, all being well etc etc be the magic 10 :) will aim for 1 hour 10 min anything less is a bonus :)

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  • That's great progress Rob and a really good pace! 😊

  • Thanks Aliboo :) just need to even the pace out a bit

  • Great stuff Rob ! Good to hear you're getting back into the groove !

    Good pace n ' all . I would be right chuffed with that .

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy :) not quite in the groove just yet but 100% better than a month or so ago xxx

  • Have you seen your tags Rob? Haha! Love them. Brilliant news from you and you'll do the 10K no problem. Your patience and perseverance has really paid off.

  • I have now haha

  • That's great, really speedy!

  • Thanks curly :)

  • I like the idea of trying to run without the music etc. I've normally used music up 'til this point, but want to get more used to running quiet. Sounds like you are on track anyway to get that 10k in under 1h10 :-)

  • Takes a while to get used to it but I prefer it now :)

    We will see about the time :)

  • Are you sure you are Slow_Rob? More like Speed Gonzales to me. Well done

  • Haha nos nah just steady I guess :)

  • You're doing great! I think running without any tech to get in the way is a good idea. You can hear your breathing and that should help your pace. If you're relaxed, and in no particular hurry, then things should fall into place and your pacing should be even. Music can mess up your pace as you run quicker, slower etc as per the music. Without it things are less frenetic. It's nice to pay more attention to what's happening around you sometimes, especially if you're out on the trail.

    Here's to your next run. I hope you nail the 10k!

  • Thanks missw :) it has taken a while to get used to no tech but it has definitely helped me become more relaxed whilst out running .

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