Getting lost in the woods ☹

Getting lost in the woods ☹

After a week of rest and another week of 5k only, to recover from injury, set out for a short run today. Legs felt great and it was a wonderful place I had not tried before, so I plodded (7 min per km) and wanted to try a longer run. Ended up doing a nice one on flat ground of 11 km. Feels so good to be back on it.

On the way back, took a wrong turn, thought I didn't recognise the puddles, so had to turn round and find the right track to the car! My sense of direction is such a hazard! Have u ever got lost on a run?? Julie


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  • Ahhh getting lost. Yep pretty much most of my life. Walking, driving , running, you name it. I could get lost in an empty room!

    Your run sounds fab though.

    Mind you 7min/km isn't exactly plodding in my book. ☺☺

  • I usually run at 7-8 but recently (I graduated from C25K 21 weeks ago) I have found a comfortable speed for all my running and often count it in my head 1-2-3-4 over and over and stick with that. I'm not out of breath and my legs are ok so it works for me. I am not super fit, a little overweight and 52 - so not a spring chicken! Sometimes, it's more of a stumble rather than a run LOL!

  • That sounds fab Joolie. Well done on the 11K! I haven't got lost but I do try different paths and wonder where they'll go to. That's all part of the fun isn't it?

  • Didn't recognise the puddles!! Ha haa....

  • Yes, I have gotten lost on runs when major roads didn't have the pedestrian crossings I thought they would. If you're doing new routes in an unfamiliar area on a long run always save some gas in the running tank. You may have to backtrack.

  • I spend my life getting lost, I have an appalling sense of direction!!!! I feel for you. When I try a new route for the first time, even though I carefully study the map etc I will always get lost. One tip I did a while ago that works is bringing a bag of flour and leaving little piles at key points to point you the right way going back...!!!

  • 7min/km is a good pace , I seem to run that on my longer runs :) i

  • I seem to have a plodding pace and I am comfortable with that now, happy to stick at that, no need to go faster! Just need to keep my toffee legs pain free!!

  • That's is the important thing to run at a pace that suits you :)

  • 7 min/km is good for me on long runs too.

    And I get lost. Several runs have been a little longer than planned due to creative route management. :-)

  • I was only going to do 5km but I felt OK so thought I would keep going. Have rested my knees for a week but was doing 10km before, so just kept going. Knew I had 2 rest days too afterwards plus then 2 X 5k's Monday and Wednesday, legs feel fine, hoping I am back on track. Julie

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