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Exploring vs getting lost


I am visiting Sydney with hubby and DD, we've been here a week and leave on Sunday. I went out for my 3rd Aussie run this morning at 7.30 am. I was aiming for a 5 or 6k run, depending on how it was going. I had run here a few years ago and was keen to pick up on one of my old running routes.

It was 15 Celcius, dry and sunny, perfect running weather. I soon picked up my old 10k route, I didn't want to run that far so at about the 3k point I veered off so that I could take a different shorter route back to the hotel apartment. Not knowing the street I had chosen did not worry me. It was a wide pleasant suburban street with a mixture of older houses and cool looking modern homes. I knew where it was likely to come back out. I was enjoying the beautiful blue sky, the birds, looking at the gardens, trees and houses. I opted to take a few more random turns left and right, thinking that I was heading in he right general direction. I stopped a couple of times to take photos then happily continuing on my way blissfully unaware that I was actually lost.

At about the 6k point I had to admit I was starting to tire and needed to get back. No worries, I could see an intersection with a major road ahead. I felt quite confident that it would be the same road that the hotel was on and that I ought to be close to the hotel too. On reaching the intersection and reading the street names on the signs I realized I was off course by about 3k and not on the street I thought I would be on. It was at this point that it dawned on me - I had not been exploring, I had actually been getting lost.

No harm done, I had plenty of water and I walked most of the way back. Hubby and DD were relieved to see me on my return 😎🏃😎🏃

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Yes, we’re not lost, we temporarily don’t know where we are. I do it all the time

Running on holiday is great int it 😃🏃‍♀️

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yes it was a temporary blip on my human sat nav (i,e. Me!)!

You are right running on holiday is good. If I run at home I tend to save energy for the last big hill, whereas somewhere completely unknown you don't know what hills are ahead so we spend all of our energy and don't keep any in reserve.


Oops... glad you found your way back okay. It was just an extended cool down walk 😅. Great job on keeping up the running while on holidays which can sometimes be a challenge with all the other holiday plans and family time needed to be fit in.

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Misswobble beat me to it. Pilots never “get lost” but sometimes they are “temporarily uncertain of their position”!

Well run!

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Thanks Jay.


Getting lost is the best way to explore! 👍🤣😁

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Yes, all that exploring and looking at the different surroundiings helps the inner smile 🙂

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