Meet up times and places for Sunday's Winter Run

The meet up before the race is the same place as last year here is a google map link to it. I think people will start meeting up from 8.30ish onwards depending on the wait at loo's and bag drop. It's just by the steps leading up to the war rooms.

Looks like this is the place for the meet up afterwards. I think it's arranged so there is no specific time so no one feels under pressure while they are running, which makes sense to me.

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  • Lovely ! Have a great time y'all !

    Have one for me ! :-) xxx

  • Got my start time. 10.26. Then I had a major panick I could not finish in time. I put a message on Twitter and they said I had just under 2 hours to complete so I should manage that. Whew.

  • Have a wonderful time, everyone! Even though I am not back up to 10k yet I would come and cheer you on, except it's my daughter's birthday weekend so I daren't be absent! I am never going to make this run :(

  • Hopefully catch up- so far haven't had email start time, race pack and name not on the website start times. Am waiting to hear back from them. If I have to go and collect a race pack tomorrow will be mighty miffed!

  • Oh no I hope it turns up, that's not good.

  • Sorted- have to pick bib up early Sunday. They have put me in for 9.30 but said I could join whichever start I want. Will have to check the times as don't want to go with the fast people but if I'm there early don't want to be hanging around too long. Hopefully see you there.

    Could you give me an idea how big the bags are as I think I will have to drop a jacket off.



  • That's great i am glad it's sorted. My bag is 15"x18" if that helps. Not long to go now. See you Sunday.

  • thanks.

  • Good Luck y'all !

    Does anyone know if Miles Yonder is going this year ? xxx

  • Thank you. I've not heard about miles, I hope so it would be nice to catch up again.

  • Aw I hope he's okay, havent heard from him for ages xxx

  • Good luck everyone. Hope you all have a blast :)

  • Hope you all have a great time - good luck ! x

  • Good luck everybody!!!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  • Rfc. I believe the Chandos is being refurbished and not doing food. After run meet was being relocated. To the Salisbury I believe.

    ETA. This one I think.

  • Thanks for updating. Are you going to be there before? I'm just thinking if we get there and there is any last min change of plans for after the event we would get the information. I was working out some of the speedy runners will be coming in just as my wave is leaving. I am hoping to meet up afterwards and I will have cake but it's a long time for people to wait for cake.

  • Not sure about before. Depends on traffic etc. There was talk on FB of swapping mobile numbers. Don't want to miss the choc cake πŸ˜ƒ

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