Winter Run 2017 - who is doing this?

I had to laugh at myself last night. Before I went to the Ballet I went for a small glass of Vino with my best mate. We ducked into a little pub nearby. We had been sitting there for about ten mins when she said to me. "Isn't this were we came to meet your friends after the Winter Run?" I had a looked round and realised it was the exact same pub. the Sailsbury. I hadent clocked it when I walked in.

So this morning it got me thinking who is in again for this year. The last couple of years we have had some great meet ups. I'm not running but I will be coming with chocolate cake as usual and meeting up afterwards.

Here is the link if any one is interested

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  • I would love to meet a group of folks from 'ere and go for a run, but alas early-ish morning in London is impossible for me. Have fun though.

  • I wish I'd known about this before we moved as getting into London was easy. But from here, it's a nightmare. I remember the medal as it was absolutely beautiful 😘

  • I wondered how The Nutcracker went! Bet it was great. Only managed first week of B210K, but really enjoyed it! Don't think I am worthy of being on this forum just yet! Well, not until I'm off me crutches and out there running again RFC! Chocolate cake sounds delicious! Yours, hoppity Floss x

  • Of course you are worthy of being here. Those crutches won't be around for ever. Until they are off please feel free to have a little dabble here.

    The a nutcracker was amazing. The sets and choreography were dreamy and the time went by so fast. It's made me think I should add ballet training into my week as the core muscles they have, well I would give anything to have that much control over my muscles.

    Happy healing Flossie.

    Rfc X.

  • And just think about how wonderfully strong calf muscles they must have to be op on their toes all the time. Bet ballet training would also be great for sorting Achilles problems out.

  • I know, everyone on stage was as fit and toned as any professional athlete.

  • Thanks RFC πŸ˜€ You're right, ballet dancers are incredibly fit aren't they? And very strong too. πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 X

  • I'll be running again and I think there's quite a large group from the facebook forum getting together again. Will be lovely to see you afterwards!

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