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New year, more running... Maybe

So after 6 weeks of procrastination (OK illness and operation) I decided it was time to lace up the trainers (after finding them first).

Ok New Year's Day seems like the perfect day to start. Erm yeah fireworks go boom and this little mouse did not get much sleep, forget it sofa snuggles and a movie hey Ferd?

Ferd is one to never pass up the opportunity to nap.

Ok I said to myself we will go tomorrow (Saturday 2nd). Woke up, nope I don't want to go, in fact Ferd I think I might just give up on running. I don't like it, I like the sofa. Oh yeah zombies run, I do like that, well for we could just listen to that walking. I like walking, we should totally go hiking Ferd, you've never been hiking have you, I miss it and I'm now fit enough. Hiking is far more sensible and I have my fancy pants new camera now, I can't really take that out running can I Ferd.

Sunday (3rd) come on Ferd we are going running.

Yes Ferd I know it takes me ages to get ready, it's cause I have to set the zombies going. Right is that everything? Yes! Good to go.

Oh Ferd I forgot my gloves. I brought them special *sigh* one day I will remember to grab them.

Right Ferd we are just gonna see how it goes, run walking.

Ok Ferd and we're off.


Ferd ..... NO ..... *sigh* ....... Did you have to wiggle in that pile of horse poo?

Huff and puff. Puff and huff.

Oh five minutes that actually wasn't so bad. Ok minute walk.

That minute seemed a bit long.

Tally Ho and onto the next 5 minutes.

*splash* OMG that was freaking cold as I couldn't avoid a puddle.

Progressively the minute walk started to feel shorter and shorter, and the five minute run longer and longer. But in the end I did manage about 4K. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it wasn't easy either (think I need shorter interval).

And since then .....

..... Well I went to work Monday and the rest of the week I have been pretty much in bed as I can't be vertical.

Horizontal good. Vertical bad.

If I'm upright I start to feel very sick. Doctor thinks it vertigo secondary to an infection so on antibiotic and tablets for nausea/dizzy.

As for the longhorn event I was dithering about for March, I decided against it. There is always next year, or the thoresby 10 later in the year.

I don't think there will be many races this year, just the odd one or two. Though I am tempted by the London Zoo Stampede, it's a bit expensive, but do get zoo entry after.

Oh and I do like running, just wish I could combine it with taking my dSLR out, so this year some runs maybe thrown over for a hike, I even have new hiking trousers.

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Hi Spoonie, good to hear from you again. Sorry you're still not 100%, so think you're very wise not to put extra pressure on yourself by entering the race - there'll be other races when your vertigo has cleared up and you're back to your old self again. In the meantime, enjoys your movies and your sofa snuggling with Ferd, your hikes and your runs whenever your able to. xx


Hey Spoons ☺ happy new year. Fred needs to run and hike ☺ I am a hiker too but it's just different to running so there has to be room for both 😊 i'd not heard of the Thoresby run, so will check that out

Being dizzy and disorientated must be awful and I hope you can have it sorted out soon x


Oh dear l hope you are feeling better. Not the easiest time of year to get out there especially if you are down with some virus. Good luck


Good to hear from you Spoonie. Take care of yourself - vertigo sucks - been there. Hope it clears up soon, there's a procedure that can be done if the antibiotics don't work, seemed to sort mine out *finds wood to touch *

Love to you and Ferd xx


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