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Well hello...I've just joined this forum in an attempt to find a structured way to get myself to running 10K...I used the other forum while on the C25K programme, and found it a great source of info and support. I started C25K at the end of May and graduated in July with no real problems along the way apart from a slightly dodgy knee, which I'm managing by wearing a tubigrip for running and that's helping! Since then I've done a pretty regular 5K run between two and three times a week ( not managed 3 times since it's been dark so early!!) and I've done the speed and stamina podcasts a few times. I've been to the local parkrun a few times and enjoyed it. My 5K time is around 32-33 mins and I'd like to get that down to below 30 😊

So...any tips please, both for improving my 5K time and for extending to 10K? Thank you!!

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I tried a structured programme straight after C25K but my legs weren't ready for it. I carried on running 5k X 3 times a week several times thinking I would never progress from that. However on a good run day, I kept going just to 5.5k. The following week I did a 6k and then I tried 7! I found I often just wanted to go further than 5k as my legs felt good while running and recovered well. After that, was running on a level path round a lake and when I got to 7k, felt I could kep going, so reached 8 and then thought I am so close to 10, y stop. I have run 10k X 3 now.

I just go out and see how I feel, a minimum run is 5 and longest is 10.5 k. Most important thing is how do my legs fel, what's best for them?

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Thank you Joolie - that sounds great; good for you! I think with me it's so all in the mind; when I know I'm nearly up to 5K I feel as though I just can't do any more - but I wonder if I set out to try for 6 I'd be able to keep going a bit longer! The speed podcast has really helped as before I'd never really been aware of any change in pace, just kept going doing what Laura said! Thanks for the advice and happy running 😊

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I used to trick myself rather than plan it. I go on a run and see how it goes, guaranteed first maybe 10 minutes, my brain is telling me to walk and asking me why I am doing this. Then I start to get into a rhythm, at some point towards the end of a 30 minute run, I think about my legs and breathing and perhaps it is possible to run on. Nehru I reach 30 minutes, might just tell myself, will keep going to 5k. That seemed to work every time. I think if I go out and have a number in mind that will be a stretch, more likely to feel pressure, so I just trick myself into doing more than I expected! This has worked as my longest has been 10.5 km! Even a .5 km increase is good 😀


Hello Juliet. Your 5K time is great and you are doing the right thing with mixing up your runs. Funnily enough, it's the slower, longer runs that improve your speed too because your legs and body get stronger and used to the movement of running.

Many of us here, myself included, got to 10K by mixing up 3 runs a week. 1X5K, 1Xspeed/interval 3/4K and 1Xlonger, slower run increasing gradually each week. The important thing is not to increase your total weekly mileage more than 10% otherwise you risk injury. Just listen to your body, stretch, cross train on rest days and you will build a faster, stronger body to cope with the longer distances.

Oh, and keep coming on here to tell us how you're getting on!


Good post, I am naturally against any for of flexibility so easily get stuck in a running rut but I agree, mixing it up makes for increased fitness, more fun and definitely increases in distance. Today is a rest day and I am keeping an eye on the weeks weather so I can fit in my runs. Taken cycling up again now my legs are fitter!


Keep going with the Stepping Stones podcasts, mix them in with your other runs, and they'll get you moving quicker

Don't be in a hurry! Slowly progress and you'll get to 10 k safely. It's a really golden time, going from 5 to 10k so make the most of it and enjoy yourself. I used Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k. As everyone here knows (as I bang on about it constantly) I use it every time I go out running whatever the distance. It's free on a dropbox file hereabouts

Inspirational lyrics which will pick you up when you're struggling

Good luck!


Hello - 'scuse me for being a thicko, what's a Dropbox file?? I would like to look at the Sami Murphy thingy xxxxxx


What irishprincess said.

If I go out saying I'll do 5 and then carry on if I feel OK, I always finish at 5K. If I want to do 10k I have to go out intending to do 10k with no options.

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Scroll back to 29th August as apparently it was discussed then and a link posted. I wish someone would make it sticky


Hi Juliet,

I too have been trying to improve my 5k time since graduating last Spring. I did the C25k on a treadmill at work and then moved outdoors, but the majority of my running is still on the treadmill.

I also looked at the Speed podcast and played around with the actual speed and intervals and have found it VERY efficient and effective at making me quicker over 5k outdoors. I've improved from about 27 mins to 23:31 in the space of 8 months, which I'm delighted with.

Quite often, my weekly schedule would simply be nothing but Speed (interval) runs .

I'll be interested to hear how you get on, good luck!


Hello! Sorry it's been ages since I originally posted; thank you for all the really good advice! 

I've continued with a mix of occasional parkruns and regular 5k runs during the week - 2 or 3 most weeks except when life and rehearsals really get in the way. I've mainly been doing the stamina podcast as the stepping stones one feels really too slow now...I've occasionally used the speed podcast too and enjoyed it. 

Overall my parkrun time just keeps improving! And suddenly my 5k time is improving too! Now I regularly run it in just under 30 mins, which I'm very chuffed about ( thought I'd never get there!) 

I haven't managed to extend my distance yet but am keen to do that now that evenings are lighter - although how I'll fit in those long runs I've no idea!! I've been concentrating on that sub - 30 min 5K and am amazed how relatively easy that feels now. 

Thanks everybody xx


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